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Strategy 101: Improve customer service using technology!

We have already understood that technology is an asset for everyone to promote the brand, like the marketing strategy in which everyone uses for advanced life. Business and technology are related to each other. Companies can become bigger by using the right technology.


Therefore, running a business today is not profitable if you don’t take advantage of technology. You can use different technologies to improve your business. This greatly affects your business in management, communication, production and customer service. Companies can maintain their flow if customers are satisfied and pleased. Thus, customer service always plays an important role in business where technology can help to improve it.

How can technology improve customer service?

The question that arises is how can technology normally improve customer service? You need to understand that technology is changing so quickly. People need to adopt these technologies faster. The trick is that you can take advantage of it. You can use the fast speed of technology as a gateway to connect with your customers. Engaging with your customers using technology will help you gather more of the information you need to improve your business. Here’s how technology can improve customer service

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Inform customers about offers

The technology can be applied to inform your customers about offers. It is common for customers to want a lower price for a product or service they need. They are always eager to find the best offers where they can buy something cheap and of good quality. You can take this opportunity to attract more customers by creating HTML emails.

This way, you can inform your customers every time a new offer, deal or discount is presented. This way, your customers will also feel well treated. This is one of the most effective ways to make your customers feel valued, especially since we understand that customers are always important to the company.

The data and information collected will benefit 

You can conduct a survey to collect important data and information about your customers. This way, you will know exactly what your customers want and what they really need. Your business can grow not only by offering the best products or services, but also by understanding exactly what your customer really needs.

Here’s how you can help your customers solve their problems effectively. By using the data and information collected from the survey, you can meet your customer’s expectations because you know what to do.

We need to respond to customer problems so quickly that we can

Technology is crucial in business because you can use it to respond immediately to your customers. You see, customers will feel neglected when they ask questions or expose their problems with your products or services. You need to respond to them, whether the feedback is negative or positive.

By using technology, you can build a well-organized customer support team that can deal with your customer immediately. It is important that you are available at all times when your customers need your assistance.

Seminyak Villas – What Would be The Best Fit for a Villa

Seminyak villas is famous for its exquisite tropical vibes and ambience in both exterior and interior. Furthermore, its surround by many cafes, entertainment center and clubs to make the visitor energize until the midnight.

Seminyak Villas

In addition, staying in seminyak villas gives you an easy access to most of the attraction since its not divided in large distance. Moreover, Seminyak also offer you daytime beauty along the astonishing sea shores include with an unlimited tasty foods that are satisfying to most of the visitors.

Seminyak Villas to Project Your Satisfaction

For visitors who search for tranquility, Seminyak is a perfect match, as its housing complex are commonly less crowded. By that you can just relax in living room and more appreciation to yourself in reading a book. Seminyak villas offers a pleasant attraction and design in each of the corner. Furthermore, every room to rooms, every last one are fill with luxury touch. Outside the complex brings a rich tropical vibes where you can spend the evening in a jogging activity with your friend or family.

On the upper level of the seminyak villas, you will find rooms fill with an exclusive bedroom. Most of it has an en-suite bed, clear window, comfortable balcony with a lovely tropical properties. Also, an immense bathroom are in placed so you can relax and tidy yourself up in the tub or have a one splash or two.

Seminyak Villas

The property unit could also have a spacious garden. Like a day beds where you can stare to the sky and have a rest outside with a fresh air. There may also include a rooms on living room, which placed beside the lavish tropical vibes. In addition, visitor would encounter a big swimming pool in front of the living room, as what makes the villa more tropical.

In any case that the visitors in vacation need to do shopping, visitor wouldnt worry about it. Since seminyak villas mostly cover the area and distance to nearest market and mall for daily shopping activities. In Seminyak you can discover various types of boutiques or shop from cheapest to the expensive ones.

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A Unit With Lovingly Maintained Interior

Bali villa might be a fit option for our vacation. But reconsider to a specific unit in Seminyak villas might do the job. Before you project on which villa you like to take, make sure you study the best suitable unit to match your needs. For instance like this loving villa which located in the heart of seminyak.

Seminyak Villas | Living Room

This units are available with 2 lux bedroom equipped with finest quality. Moreover, this villa is enclosed in a resort which comes with lots of benefit and perks. These benefit include swimming pool, living room, dining room, full set kitchen and spacious garden. Theres a lot of perks provided in this private villa bali specially for you. Enquire this unit now with under price value and a maximum benefi

Villa Seminyak with Mix of Balinese and Chinese Influence

Villa seminyak is popular for its vibrant and diverse influence in it. Furthermore, this have been a phenomenon in Bali for the time being. At an early stage, hindu influence arrived in this archipelago from the south indian sea traders. The influence affect the continuity of Balinese culture, belief and values. Moreover these aspect are implement aswell from their daily activity to housing and property.

Villa Seminyak

Nowadays we aren’t just see the diverse culture happening in Bali, but further we can feel it too. Ranging from the housing and property build by balinese people, they are giving extra value in it. Hence, A mix of value, influence are taking place in most of the property and villa concept. This will give a more dynamic environment in Bali’s strong belief and culture.

Whats Special for Villa Seminyak with this influence

With the fast moving social culture and information, people have the opportunity to explore more. Although, we cant neglect the fact that we meet with more culture and influences intentionally. In addition, in seminyak area, people from various country and places gather and live together in the region. It is without a doubt that they may distribute some of their values and lesson through different channels.

Villa Seminyak Spacious Room

Furthermore few years earlier villas in seminyak are built in a rigid and fixed balinese concept. But today we could see an enhancing style in modernization and a culture blends in its concept and idea. As a more enchancing style attract more buyer attentions and more demands are in place. Although, Chinese influence may suit in the balinese style, so they try to blend most of the concept and philosophy into one.

The result are breathtaking, people would not expect villa seminyak will offer this excellence style. Moreover, any kind of influence available is an unique experience for people to obtain. They arent necessarily find this in their origin, it only made possible in a special place like Bali, especially seminyak region.

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Traditional Villa with Chinese Style

With the specialty and benefit influence style villa has to offer, here is an ultimate choice of all. This seminyak villa is influence by the chinese heritage and bali traditional legacy. Its mix of culture can be seek in every corner of the unit, even you could witness some properties delivered from its original place.

Villa Seminyak Living Room

This stunning unit is located in chic neighborhood of Seminyak. Feature with 3 breathtaking bedrooms and bathroom, open style living room, full set kitchen, dining room, home terrace and spacious garden. Worth to mention its special facility including swimming pool, wooden deck, gallery of Chinese statue and souvenir and many more.

Complete with the architecture of spacious simple living. Furthermore its interior and exterior are build in masterpiece and unique blend of traditional balinese with chinese influence. This villa seminyak is available on leasehold for 24 years. With a clear return on investment report, its the ideal time to enquire this villa in seconds.

Branding Your Business During Crisis

Building your brand even in the middle of crises is still necessary. In fact, it is critical because during hard times, people are looking for reliable products and services that can meet their needs to cope with the situation. During the pandemic, many businesses went down because of many reasons. However, there are also those who still thrive because they learn variety of lessons during the crisis. One of the most important lessons gained from the crisis is that how to brand your business with empathy and thoughtfulness. 

Branding Your Business During Crisis

How to brand your business during crisis

There are many aspects are affected by the crisis during the pandemic and one of them is branding. Many businesses start to use different approach in branding to gain more customers. And there are things you can do in branding your business during the crisis, no matter what kind of crisis it will be in the future.

Add a touch of humanity

As mentioned earlier that branding should be done with more empathy and thoughtfulness. Therefore, it is essential to add humanity to your brand. During crisis, many brands deliver heartfelt message and encouragement stating how ‘we are all in this together’. by adding humanity to your brand, you are more relatable to your customers. They feel closer to you and trust you as a company they can rely on during hard times. 

Offer real actions

It is also important to offer the real actions instead of just saying some encouraging words. This way, you still have something to offer to your customers. For example, you can offer discounts, provide valuable contents, arrange virtual classes, share valuable information, etc. Those are thoughtful and valuable actions to take which can benefit your customers. 

Clear and transparent

How to brand your business during crisis

Be clear and transparent with your branding. During crisis, many people are overwhelmed with information that can be true or false. Thus, be the one brand that they can trust by being careful in sharing information. You also have to be clear with what you offer. Avoid unnecessary marketing bluff or ‘salesy behavior’ because they are not suitable during crisis. Branding your business by focusing on your value and cut to the chase. 

Support the community

You can also boost your branding by supporting the community. You can support your local and online community during tough times. There are many things you can do such as offering free online courses and contents, making donations to those in need, and other supports you can give. However, make sure that you don’t brag or overly display your actions. Let your customers aware of your actions to support the community but make it as part of raising awareness as well.

Adjust to the market condition

Make some necessary adjustment to the market conditions. Make sure that you make your branding relevant to the current situation. Promotional message and any marketing conditions should appear in touch so your customers know that you recognize what is going on. Also, make sure to always prioritize your customers’ needs above anything else especially during crisis. It will result in impressive return on investment in the future for your business. 

Changes In Marketing Due To COVID-19

Business is one of so many aspects affected by the coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t happen only in one region or country but all over the world. Thus, for businesses to suffer from the disasters caused by coronavirus is something that needs to be fixed. from the pandemic, we can see that marketing has shifted or changed in some ways. It is what businesses should do to adapt to the situation and prevent more damages. 

Shifts happening to marketing due to the pandemic

Marketing in business is one of the most important key factors to success. It affects how the product or service is delivered to the right people. During pandemic, it is hard for the marketing to be not affected at all. The pandemic has brought some changes in marketing, such as:

Marketing is used as important factor to handle crisis. When pandemic happens, top marketing management team work even harder in order to gain trusted information and deliver it to the people. Not only did the marketing team work harder to deliver information to consumers but also to the employee to ensure the right way to work safely, how to use protective equipment at work, etc. Thus, marketing team is not only the voice of customers but also of employees. 

Marketing now focuses more on the purpose. This is particularly what happens to those business in medical field. There is a sense of responsibility raise to make sure that everyone in need gets help. There is also a purpose to change patient’s lives because this pandemic is not something to take lightly. The way business work has more purpose more than ever. 

Marketing has changed in delivery as well. Before, it was possible to have long-hour general sessions. Today, marketing is more effective with simplicity. The marketing has shift and lean more on digital. The engagement for the marketing is made and resulted from digital. Thus, marketing deliver simple and to the point contents.

Marketing today is also more future-oriented. With the pandemic happening, business is suffered but still have to look into the future. There must be some lessons gained from this such as how digital contents are perceived by consumers and how reliable they are for them. Even when the pandemic ends, the way the marketing work today might still be relevant and effective. Therefore, marketing team still need to make plan for the future.

This pandemic has brought crisis in many aspects of our life. However, there are also something we can learn to improve. This pandemic has also brought more creativity in business. People think and do more to make sure everything still run as normal as possible even in the middle of the crisis. Not to mention that it makes business work with more purpose. This is also a time where some businesses even gain more brand reputation with how dedicated they are by giving reliable information for their customers and attentive to their employees. Customer and employee sentiments are valuable information. 

Bali Villa Location And Its Influence on Market Prices

Bali continues to be one of the most popular tourist destinations in the world and is one of the most dream places to live. In fact, many foreign travelers then decide to live and work in Bali. Culture, landscapes, beaches, and hospitality of the locals attract foreigners to invest in villas. Villa investment is not only as a vacation accommodation but also as a business field, permanent residence, and a place to retire. This is the reality that foreigners want something more than Bali. Along with the high investment interest, the Bali villa location becomes very important to determine market prices.

Bali location villa determine market prices | villa bali sale

But there are difficulties for foreigners who want to own property in any form. Even with the many restrictions that have been imposed by the Indonesian government with the prohibition of foreigners from owning property, there is the ease and assistance of professional consultations so that they can still formally build a villa.

Knowing popular Bali villa location

Why do foreigners have a high interest in investing in villas? This is a fact! Return on investment and the benefits of renting a villa can be very high with the terms of choosing the right Bali villa location and the appropriate villa concept. Currently, rental trends in the Seminyak and Canggu areas offer high returns. The demand for rentals in the Seminyak area is around 45%.

Some Bali villa locations also have high demand such as Kuta, Ubud, Amed, and Uluwatu. The atmosphere and condition of the area determine the interest of tourists to find the perfect villa. For example in the Seminyak area, it is the right area for travelers to enjoy the fun. In Seminyak, there are many international restaurants, bars, clubs, and nightlife that never fades.

Understand the pros and cons of Bali villa location

The purpose and concept of your villa greatly influence the return on investment and profits. Bali villa located in a crowded area should be built with a concept that provides comfort, privacy, and security for tenants. Usually, the villa owner will provide 24-hour security facilities to ensure security around the villa. If the Bali villa location is in a quiet area adjacent to local rice fields and housing, then you can design a villa concept that is close to nature.

Many tourists want a calm atmosphere and away from the noise of the highway so look for a Bali villa location outside the favorite area so they really enjoy the real Balinese atmosphere. Wherever your Bali villa location is, as long as it is in accordance with the concept of accommodation and premium services that you offer, it will be a very profitable investment. Making guests happy is important so that cleanliness, safety, comfort, and the availability of super-fast wifi will greatly help promote the villa.

Taking Your Leadership Into Higher Level

The world we are living today changes constantly that sometimes it is so hard to keep up. The competition is getting tough and demanding. Therefore, running your own business is not a simple career path. It is a choice where you have to be ready with the responsibilities. Your leadership however, plays huge role to how you can achieve your goals. The way you leads influence your team in many ways. The action, interaction, word, and even comments you make can affect people around you. As the leader, you are in constant weave of the culture and the future of your business. 

Improving your leadership

Therefore, it is not exaggeration to say that your leadership skills plays huge role in growing your business. It also means that you have to keep elevating your leadership qualities from time to time. You need more ‘kicks’ to help your business grow bigger and faster. Here are things you can do to take your leadership into higher level and build business successfully:

It is important to remember that success is not something you can take for granted. Even if your business have become and grown into something more steady, enduring, and powerful, you should always ask yourself how you can make it better. Also, it is important to keep finding a way to make the success of your business long lasting. As a leader, you should not be foreign with the idea of evolution. It is what can lead you to elevated leadership and more successful business. 

Embrace mistakes and learn from them. In the process of evolution as stated before, there will be times when you make mistakes. However, consider it as part of the important processes to complete the evolution. By masking mistakes, you may know something more. Mistakes can be used as media for reflection and making progress. Even if the mistakes are painful, you have to learn to endure with an open mind instead of just running from them. 

Elevating your leadership quality doesn’t make you raise your chin higher. It should make you a more humble leader instead. It is because humility is still important part of leadership. Through humility, you will be able to recognize your own weakness and won’t hesitate to seek out input. You won’t even feel low to ask for assistance from others when needed. Your humility is important aspect that can help radiate your strength even with your mere presence. Your title and status means nothing compared to your humility. 

Learning how to approach things from different perspective is a great way to take your leadership quality to higher level. It also means you have to be flexible in assessing situation and scenario. Sometimes, you have to approach with partnership perspective and some other times, it is best to use parenting perspective. The majority of leaders take parenting perspective since it gives them a sense of control while partnership perspective can open more vulnerable side. It is your choice to choose the right conditions. 

The Benefits of Owning Multiple Luxury Bali Villas

We already know that the villa business in Bali is one of the thriving businesses that keeps growing because of the large market. Most of you who read this article may already own one already, and probably wondering the same thing as the title. Should I buy another villa? The thing is, luxury Bali villas are not something that you can just buy because you feel like it. But there are plenty of benefits that you can get out of it.

luxury Bali villas with a private pool and spacious garden

Buy More Luxury Bali Villas!   

Living in the villa is the peak comfort of residence in Bali. That’s why you should feel lucky to be able to live in one, especially with the luxurious facilities. So when you are already in possession of a villa, it feels like you already have enough in life. But after seeing how booming a villa in Bali is, you may start asking: Is it worth it to acquire more villas? 

Most people would say it would be too much. And you are better off spending your money on something else. Well, if you are buying villas for a collection, I have to agree that it may be unwise, but there are several other purposes that you can pursue to keep searching for villas.

Inheritance. No one is closer to you than your own family, or so they say. In the future, you might have a son or daughter who will have a difficult time finding a property. Investing in a villa to make your family happy is a graceful act to do, and the happiness of the kids is also the parent’s happiness.

Aside from inheriting it to your children or grandchildren, you can also gift it to your parents as a retirement home. Spending the rest of the retirement in luxury Bali villas can surely be relaxing and comforting for senior citizens.

Investment. As you already know, the villa business in Bali is really profitable. In that case, why not try to join the wagon and start investing for profit as well? Property is one of the futureproof investments that someone can get, because the demand for land is always rising and our space on earth is limited. So, it might be a good idea to put your money now to villas and the price is guaranteed to be higher next year.  

Make sure to maintain your villa as well, as the quality and condition of the villa can affect the price greatly. Try to invest a villa in a good location that can attract people to take an interest.

So, we can conclude that owning multiple luxury Bali villas can be a good benefit in the future. Hope that will clear your hesitation if you do decide to purchase another villa, as long as you are sure of what you’re doing.

How To Accomplish Successful Product Presentation

Launching product can be one of the most daunting experience in business industry. Regardless of how small you start you business, it is important step. Presenting the product of your brand is nerve-wrecking because you should be ready of what people think and say about it. Not to mention that it is a harder process when you are not used to public speaking. The feeling of anxiety often bubble up your mind and chest uncontrollably. However, it is not something you cannot accomplish just because you are nervous. You can do deliver successful product launch and presentation even with all flaws you have.

How To Accomplish Successful Product Presentation

Successful product launch and presentation

Launching product means you have to face many important people in the industry. Introducing your product is not an easy thing to do especially in the beginning of your career. Insecurity and self-doubt are common. Here are things you may consider for successful product launch or presentation:

Always remind yourself that there is no such thing as perfection

Flawless performance is what you aim for but it doesn’t mean you are not allowed to make any mistakes. There are many things can go wrong during your presentation. What you need to improve is your creative thinking. It will help you to make improvisation when something doesn’t go as planned. Therefore, the things you consider as mistakes will be viewed as smart moves in the other eyes. When something goes wrong during your presentation, don’t panic. There must be solution for the problems. Your audience won’t suddenly throw some stones at you. 

Public presentation is scary for some people

How To Accomplish Successful Product Presentation

You might be one of them. However, it doesn’t mean you don’t have room to improve. Being awkward during product launch or presentation doesn’t mean you are bad. It may be your signature if you do it naturally. It might make you standout from the other public speakers who tend to look and pose professionally and strict. You don’t really have to follow what social construct believe. Being yourself and show your natural charm is a great thing to do. 

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Remember the real goal

When you feel like you cannot accomplish successful mission with the product launch and presentation, remind yourself of the real goal. The goal of the presentation is to introduce the product. Thus, the product being launched is already an accomplishment itself regardless of you did it flawlessly or not. And another real goal of product launch is to gauge the public demand. You want to have a check on the market so you know what to expect from your product sale rate later. 

Some unexpected things might happen

There are many things you can do to mess your product launch and presentation. Somethings unexpected might also happen. Keep in mind to trust yourself and your team. The first time delivering product launch or presentation might not be as flawless as you think. However, you will always have time to improve your skill and manage your nervousness.

Handling Complaints Without Potentially Losing Your Customers

It is true that you cannot please everyone. It is also applied to how you cannot please all your customers regardless how thorough you were with your customer service programs and all. Receiving complaint is bound to happen when customers are involved. In fact, complaints are something you should have expected from the beginning. They are inevitable. Receiving complaints is not a pleasant experience. It is different from feedback. Complaints more focus on pointing out the faults of your products or services. However, it is important to handle complaints the right way by addressing the issue immediately so you won’t put your relationships with customers in jeopardy. 

Handling Complaints Without Potentially Losing Your Customers

How to handle complaints without losing your customer’s trust

Handling complaint properly is necessary because there is risk of losing your customers. Risking your relationship with your customers is not a good idea. It can also ruin your reputation if you cannot manage to find out ways to put things right immediately. Here are several ways to handle complaints.

Do not be afraid of receiving complaints from your customers

It doesn’t always end in a bad way. If you welcome them, it means you are ready to face them. In fact, you should encourage your customers to provide feedback both positive and negative ones. Therefore, they are comfortable to tell you if there is something wrong with your products or services. They will be the first one to notice anyway. Turn those complaints as a way for you to provide better customer service. It is also a way for you to know how to improve your products or services. Their complaints may contain truths which you can see from objective perspective. Handling complaints with openness from your side will result in positive outcomes. 

Handle their complaints while showcasing the value of your business

handle their complaints while showcasing the value of your business

It is important to showcase your business value to them so they know exactly what your business stand for. However, you also should address their issue immediately and effectively. Therefore, they know that they are not being ignored or neglected. This is the best way to address the issue without the need to make endless arguments. It is because this way makes better understanding on both sides. This is a great way to direct the complaint into something positive for both parties. 

Do not get too serious and get easily defensive

You can handle the complaints in a more fun ways to decrease the tension that may appear due to the issue. It doesn’t necessarily mean you are patronizing your customers. Make sure you address and solve the issues effectively and immediately. Then, add some fun touches to turn your customer’s negative experience into positive one. If you handle the complaints in strong manner and defensive mode, it will be hard to find the right solution. Thus, always listen to your customers attentively while they are complaining. However, explain everything calmly and lightly.