The Use Of Big Data In Business

Internet has become one of the most vital tools in almost every part of our lives. For small business owners, internet is a useful tool to collect data to help you make more informed business decision. With the data collected, you will be able to run predictive analytic for future sales as well. Not to mention that you can also use the data to gain an insight of how to improve customer service. 

How big data works for growing a business

Most businesses use big data to collect information and get insights of important factors such as customer patterns and behavior, purchasing behavior, etc. Overall, the big data can help identify new growth opportunities through examination of customer information. Here are more ways businesses use big data:

Big data and how to digest it for business

Advanced technology as of today has made it easier for us to collect and understand massive, complex data sets in an incredible rate. There are many sources (besides the internet) where you can get large data sets and the volume of it is not something human can’t even comprehend. That big data can be processed and understood with advanced data processing software. Without proper software, it’s harder to make the data usable. 

Study customer behavior

Big data is used by businesses to study customer behavior. The insights collected about customers from big data are then used to craft future campaigns. By collecting the right data, businesses can find out customers interest and buying habit. Hence, it’s easier for businesses to determine the type of products and services that align with their interests. 

Implement automation to improve productivity

Big data is also useful for business because it can be used to increase the level of productivity by employing automation process. Automation reduce the amount of responsibilities placed on employees, making some tasks run more efficiently. With automation, human error can be minimized as well. With fewer mistakes, the less money to spend.

Mitigate asset risks

With big data, you can make predictive analysis and implement risk management sufficiently. Big data present you different options so you can make informed decision to choose the option with the lowest risk. Thus, you can pick the biggest opportunity for reward. 

Help craft effective marketing campaigns

With big data, you will have way to research your competition. Thus, you will know what kind of marketing campaigns that effectively work for your business to step ahead. However, it’s important to keep your data collection following designated competition laws. Big data also helps handle advertising on various mediums by automating campaigns that increase more engagement.

Manage supply chain

Supply chain is vital when running a business. With big data, your supply chain will run more smoothly. It is useful to improve communication between supply chain members. Hence, it lowers the risk of shipping delays since it can be identified and prevented early on. If there is an ongoing issue within the supply chain, big data will help notify a business immediately so it’s easier to deal with. 

5 Homes Methods That Resort Builder in Bali Can Utilize

Using cutting-edge materials in constructing any resort necessitates careful coordination with architects and resort builder in Bali. Once you have a unique design for your house, many components can be quickly and easily framed on-site and finished to the highest standards possible. Building a new resort can be done in various ways, especially with prebuilt materials like light gauge steel, modular pieces, and innovative concrete designs.

resort builder Bali

There are many key methods for making changes to your new homes in modern home construction. Knowing about these cutting-edge construction techniques is crucial when you decide it’s time to build a new resort. When attempting to choose which method of resort builder in Bali would be ideal for your homes in the future, it can frequently be helpful. 

Here are some of the best methods for resort builder in Bali that you can use:

Traditional Stick Framing

This standard component is a building system that will be used to put together the fundamental framework of your house. The actual construction process starts when foundational elements such as wall studs, ceiling joists, roof trusses, and rafters are installed. Followed by the installation of all flooring systems. These objects are installed piece by piece, leading to the eventual creation of a platform for the entire house.

Traditional stick framing methods begin with the ground floor, build the second storey, and finally frame the roof. Many smaller homes include constructed wall panels and wood frame structures that can accommodate items. Such as electrical work, plumbing, and more as they are added to the structure. After the interior walls have been examined, they are often covered with drywall, and the exterior of the house. Typically weatherproofed with stucco, bricks, or siding.

Modular Homes

Even though they are constructed off-site, typical stick-frame homes nonetheless employ the same type of approach. This frequently results in a house that may be constructed much more effectively and then maintain its worth well. The entirety of a module is constructed in a factory, and it is assembled on the job site. They are often placed using a crane, and they are built using some of the same techniques as conventional stick framing. Modular homes and conventional stick-frame homes only differ in that they are built in smaller modules and transported to the construction site.

resort builder bali

In order to produce a custom-built home that conforms to extremely complex designs, builders will take modular homes and sew the numerous modules together. In order to create practically any style of home, it is also possible to incorporate well-known architectural aspects into modules.

Light Gauge Steel

Light gauge steel is a construction method that is comparable to traditional stick framing but with a little difference. The main benefit of this situation is that none of the items involved will decay, shrink, or be harmed by termites. Steel frames are more durable than any kind of wood frame.

Designs made of light gauge steel are frequently slightly more expensive to construct. However, they can frequently be advantageous for giving the house more stability and a longer life for any form of property. Additionally, light gauge steel is frequently used for many kinds of commercial structures. It is also starting to make its way into many home constructions.

Structural Insulated Panels

SIPs are often built with places for electrical wiring and frequently have door apertures and precut windows. These construction techniques are frequently used to create walls and ceilings. On-the-job site assembly by specially trained teams is a requirement.

resort builder Bali

SIP homes are frequently built with better insulation and are designed to be airtight. They will also be able to reduce the cost of their labor and electricity expenses as a result. This is a less expensive choice for the building’s future because the components require far less time and work to erect and the insulation is already there.


One of the most common materials used for wall construction in a number of single-family homes as well as for building foundations is concrete. Wood framing is frequently used by homebuilders in concrete installations as well as to highlight the concrete constructions themselves. They also construct ceilings, interior walls, and roofs using wood frame and concrete forms.

The Impacts Of Using AI When Doing Your Business

Today, it is pretty common to see AI or Artificial Intelligence being used in various places such as restaurant, companies, schools, etc. It has changes how people do business across industry as well. However, some people are still skeptical about AI implementation in business. Some people are also worried about the possibility of AI erasing job vacancy for real humans. Its impact has been already felt and people react differently to it. How about embracing AI in business? Is is beneficial or harmful?

using Al

Implementing and embracing AI into business world

The main purpose of AI is to leverage computers and machines to mimic problem-solving and decision-making capabilities of the human mind. However, there are two types of AI that is being built; they are narrow AI and strong AI. 

Narrow AI is built and trained to perform specific task such a chat bot that is trained to carry out conversation with a potential customers. Meanwhile, strong AI is built to be able to perform more complex tasks. It is also trained to have decision-making capabilities in similar manners how human processes it. 

How to invest in AI for your business effectively

It is highly possible for you to leverage AI to your business operation, making it a crucial part of how you operate your business daily. However, make sure to learn more about it and how to leverage it properly and effectively to be able to get the most benefits. For example, you may invest an AI that can help you give fast response to your customer’s inquiries. Hence, you can close more deals. 

Use AI to build the best team

It’s also great if you can leverage AI to your recruitment system. Therefore, you can hire great talents and build outstanding team more efficiently. Recruitment process often takes time and energy since you have to go through several steps and follow certain procedures. By implementing the right AI, the process can be done at a rate faster than any human. 

Use AI to help guide you

You can use AI to help guide your business in new directions. AI has great access to massive amounts of data about potential customers and your customer base. With accurate data, you can make more reasonable decision of where your business is going. Also, AI can help make predictions that are more logical and accurate because it is made based on data, and not influenced by any emotional factors. 

Be aware of the risk of AI

Never assume AI can do it all because it can’t. It may help transform  your business but you are still the one who call the shots. Never put your business in autopilot or rely too much on AI. Be mindful with the risks it carries. AI is not going away and you need to start exploring it as early as possible. However, the process may take time and it’s possible for you to make mistakes along your journey of embracing AI for business. Make sure to assess any options reasonably. 

How Important is Concrete Construction for Resort Builder Bali

Concrete is one of the building materials that is regularly utilized today. Portland cement, water, and more aggregate combine to create concrete. Modern society nowadays requires the use of concrete. One of the most crucial materials in building construction is concrete. Concrete is a common building material in Indonesia and is used nearly exclusively in constructing houses, bridges, highways, and other structures. Today’s concrete has seen significant developments, both in the manufacturing of concrete mixtures and in buildings. Because the use of concrete must increase in both quality and quantity as technology develops, it is necessary to find a way to increase concrete strength.

In Bali, where infrastructure and the economy are developing at a breakneck speed, concrete is a very suitable material for use in construction. Concrete is used in the construction of vacation rentals, resorts, and infrastructure that supports tourism. Development in Bali, concrete is like one item that cannot be split.

This How Important is Concrete Construction for  Resort Builder Bali

Excellent solid construction

Sand, cement, water, and stone are the ingredients of concrete. The combination of these components plays a significant role in construction. To create a strong and durable structure, the material must be prepared properly and in the proper quantity.

Great fire and water resistance

Nobody ever expects a disaster to happen in their own building. Concrete structures do not corrode when exposed to water, and in the event of an average-intensity fire, buildings with a particular thickness of concrete cover only sustain surface damage.

High level of durability

Compared to other materials, concrete is more durable and lasts longer. A reinforced concrete building may often be utilized for a very long time without losing its capacity to support loads. This is because as time passes, the chemical law governing the cement compaction process will become increasingly petrified.

Low maintenance cost

Concrete is one of the construction materials with the lowest maintenance expenses. As long as the supporting steel is in a proper place and rust will be avoided, the structure will resemble stone once the concrete cures after being manufactured. As a result, maintenance will not be expensive. This is particularly beneficial in reducing the operating costs of a real estate rental service, according to a resort builder Bali.

Effective Product Creation And Development

Product development is not something you take lightly in running a business. It is one of the most complex parts of growing business. It is complex and expensive which means a failure will cost a lot. And small business cannot afford to fail. Investing hundreds of thousands of dollars to create a product is very challenging, to put it simply. Thus, it is not something you should play around with. 

product creation

How to do effective product creation and development

Product creation and development is expensive process and a failure will cost a lot of money. Not many companies are able to rebound after a product failure. There are many factors that could cause a product failure. Sometimes, you are not always in control of every issue. Here are some strategies you can consider to boost the effectiveness of product creation and development, minimizing the chance of failure:

Research customers and gain feedback

It’s vital to ask existing customers and your target audience for feedback. You can do it through surveys or interviews. Make sure to pay attention on what being said so you know what they really want. Only then you can create your product based on the insight of the research you conducted. You can use survey platform and ask clear, direct questions. Avoid asking vague questions that will lead into vague and unclear information. 

Have a realistic buyer persona

Your customers are real people so you have to create a product and conceptualize it based on a realistic buyer persona. Only then you will be guided into the right direction about the features and pricing. To get realistic buyer persona, you need to get down into details including gender, location area, financial situation, profession, education level, buying habits, priorities, family situation, interests, price sensitivity, and time availability. You can even go into more specific details if it gives you more benefits. 

See what your competitors are doing

Having competitors is not bad since you can learn a lot from them including about effective product creation. You can check out what your competitors’ doing with their product specifications, features, product reviews, etc. Pay attention not only to the praise given by the customers but also their disappointment, anger, or frustration. With this information combined with your own data from your research, you can design something that is better and more effective. 

Do the test more than once

It’s vital to test and test again before deciding to launch your new product. After researching and designing new product, you need to make sure that it is ready before launching it. You need to test it to know its durability, reliability, size, weight, usability, visual appeal, price, etc. Also, the test should be done by involving your target market not only your teams. Offer product test and encourage them to give feedback. 

Keep in mind that product creation and development is not a solo project so trust your team to work with you. Be diligent and and thoughtful throughout the process to increase the chance of successful product creation. 

Why You’ll Love to Stay at A Private Villa Than A Hotel in Bali

The vast array of green rice fields. Strips of golden white to black beaches, sometimes dotted with lime karst formation and sometimes hidden behind unassuming forest. The explosion of arts, creativity, and rich cultural heritage in daily life. A long list of things that makes Bali so wonderful makes this island so popular as a holiday destination. And when you come to this island, especially if you plan to stay for a long time, you will love to stay at a private villa in Bali rather than spending a month in a hotel. There’s a good reason why we think they’re superior to other types of vacation lodging—indeed, there are ten good reasons why we love them.

Private villa bali

A Private Villa is Perfect for Family Holiday

Have you ever been looking forward to a family vacation only to discover that one group is staying on a completely another floor of the hotel? The purpose of group vacations is defeated by taking numerous elevator journeys. You may accommodate children, cousins, aunts, and uncles under one roof if you rent a private villa. Not only do you receive bedrooms directly next to one other in luxurious villas, but you also get some lovely common areas where you can hang out and get to know one another without interruption from others. Staying in a private villa in Bali is also perfect if you are travelling with your own little family. It’s a good way to give ample room for kids to run around, have their own nice little bedroom, and still keep them close to you. 

Cost-Effective Lodging for Travelling with Children

Most hotels only have rooms large enough for two adults; perhaps you could fit the kids on a sofa bed. A villa can be the ideal choice for you if you want to have separate bedrooms when traveling with your family. Due to the fact that you do not have to pay per person, renting a villa for your family might also be more affordable.

Villas is More Kids & Pets Friendly Than Most Hotels in Bali

A lot of villas in Bali are large enough for children and animals to run around and play. In contrast to hotels’ busy lobby areas and confusing hallways, the villa’s intimacy makes it easy to keep track of guests at all times.

There are No Bothersome Neighbours Around

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep due to the noisy guests in the hotel room next door? With a villa rental, you can rise on the right side of the bed every morning without being bothered by other people.

Having the Private Pool in the Villa All for Yourself

Nothing is worse than deciding to relax by the pool only to discover that every pool lounger is taken. Or, even worse, they ‘booked’ the sun loungers with their towel but they never actually come back. At a villa in Bali with a private pool and balcony area, you may unwind in a feeling of complete peace. 

Actually, You Can Have the Private Villa All by Yourself

You can avoid sharing space with anyone else—aside from your friends and family—in Bali’s private villas. You have exclusive use of the lakeside gazebo, the big lawn, and the pool for the duration of your vacation. You can experience the feeling of having a resort-style villa to yourself at expansive estates like this luxurious Bali private vacation villa. Bid adieu to packed eateries and long waits at the pool table. There are no strangers or noisy neighbors; just you and your loved ones, with a ton of free time and enjoyable things to do.

No Worries About Hidden Costs of Hotels or Resorts’ Expensive Packages

Private villas provide you the freedom to explore and make use of various amenities at your own speed rather than choosing complex sightseeing packages with set timings and rowdy group members, all of which frequently come with additional expenses. Choose your own trip and time. Book your stay with complete pricing transparency and take advantage of special experiences like a tranquil boat trip in the backwaters. You can go hiking, picnic by the lake, and scuba dive to explore the underwater world of Bali. Organize everything only by what you love and actually want to do. 

More Space, More Utilities, More Everything

Renting private villas offers greater value! The common areas, such as the living room and kitchen, are also more airy and comfortable in addition to having larger bedrooms. Villas offer a variety of vacation-worthy comforts, from kitchen appliances to live barbeque options. In many villas in Bali, you can find lovely appliances like toasters, coffee machines, and even washing machines that you won’t find at hotels or resorts. 

Know The Right Principles To Create Iconic Brand

Having an iconic brand is a dream of many business owners. Iconic brand means it is recognized and known by target market. There is that extra factor that makes a brand draws the attention of many people and make them loyal customers. Building loyal customer base is challenging and it cannot be done overnight. It needs process that may take longer than you have imagined. 

Icon Brand
Pleasant emotions. One young beautiful girl demonstrating frame gesture isolated over light green background in neon light. Close-up image

The importance of having iconic brand for your business

Running a business of a brand that is iconic is possible for you. However, you need to know what strategies to make it work. One of the most important thing to consider is find a niche and focus on a specific target market. Also, it is just as important to deliver excellent customer experience and know what your customers need and want. Once you build iconic brand, you can build a loyal customer base. And here are also the principles of creating iconic brand:


Create a brand that is hard to forget. And you can start it with creating compelling storyline. Tell a story in an interesting way. You can include some attractive visuals so the customers get an experience scrolling through your website. Create a storyline just like how you want to create a movie. Make their exploration on your brand as memorable as possible. When  creating a landing page for your website for example, make sure to do it with purpose. What kind of story you want your customers to perceive, what kind of experience you want them to have. 


Being authentic is also important when you are trying to create iconic brand. It is way you can gain trust from your audience until they become your loyal customers. Do the things that only you can do but keep it real. Highlight the points that make your brand stand out from the rest. Utilize various aspects that can show your brand’s true side so you can build emotional connection with your audience. 


If your own first impression about your business is lackluster then it is highly likely that you are right. Other people may find it forgettable too. Hence, find something that makes your brand easy to recognize. Create an image that can be recognize by people easily by defining the main characteristics of your brand. This way, you will also be able to find what style or persona to choose. Develop a simple but recognizable logo with font and color scheme that can make customers immediately think of your brand when they see it. 


Be consistent in your journey of creating iconic brand. Find or create your own brand’s key traits and stick to them. It is how you can show your consistency and because of that people will rely on your brand more. Make sure to do things that align with your brand persona. However, be mindful when creating your brand persona from the beginning. Make sure to create the one where your priorities is to be aligned with what people need. 

Why You Should Investment Real Estate in Bali Seminyak ?

Bali does have a very powerful attraction for vacationing tourists and investors looking to make investments there. Many investors decide to invest in real estate, including villas, homes, and even guest houses. Depending of the type of investment chosen, investors must choose a strategic location for their property. For investment opportunities a highly advantageous location, purchasing real estate in Bali Seminyak may be their first choice. There is a lot of real estate available in Seminyak as well.

Real Estate Bali Seminyak

Why you should Investment real estate in Bali Seminyak

Surrounding Tourism Spots

The more people who visit, the greater the investment; it can also serve as a recommendation for selecting an advantageous location. Various tourism spots in Seminyak

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is the first and most accessible tourist destination in Seminyak. This beach, one of the lovely beaches on the Island of the Gods, is also frequently referred to as Dhyanapura beach. This beach radiates an unbelievable beauty, especially during the beauty of the sunset. Therefore, don’t be shocked if this beach fills up more in the evening.

Petitenget Beach

The next beach location is Petitenget Beach, which is also in Seminyak. This location is blessed with an unique charm and breathtaking coastal natural beauty. Because it still makes a single line with Kuta Beach, the coastline is quite beautiful. Locals and tourists from other countries frequently visit this site to relax and take in the warm sun. This beach is a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels because of the large waves.

Pura Petitenget

You can experience culture tourism close to Seminyak in addition to beach tourism by going to Petitenget Temple. This location is in Bali’s Kerobokan Village, which is part of the North Kuta District’s Badung Regency. Here, you can take in the breathtaking views and the beauty of the Balinese Hindu sacred architecture. Additionally, this venue offers historical and cultural tours for tourists.

Surrounding Famous Club in Bali 

The Seminyak area is particularly well-known for its nightlife, making it a popular tourist destination.

La Favela

La Favela Club is one of the top clubs in Bali that you must visit if you want to spend a night out in Seminyak while drinking Mexican-style beverages in an unique outdoor interior and outdoor garden ambience.

Potato Head Club

Think about how nice it would be to relax in the pool while drinking a cocktail and dancing to the beat of an international DJ’s upbeat music.

Mari Beach Club

This beach club mixes contemporary ideas with traditional Balinese characteristics, which are symbolized by bamboo and thatched roof architectural components that seem so exotic and compatible with the surroundings. The main structure itself takes its design cues from Mount Agung.

Surrounding Delicious Restaurant

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku

There is nothing problem with this restaurant’s name being “Nasi Ayam” as there is only one menu available. Think about how awesome it would be to have a plate of delectable chicken rice in a traditional Balinese building that is so artistically designed with a rural setting and a large yard. A portion of chicken rice accompanied by satay lilit, fried chicken, pindang eggs, peanuts, betutu sauce, and of course chili sauce.

Gusto Gelato & Cafe

There is a popular ice cream shop in Seminyak that is usually always packed with people standing in line. His name is Gusto Gelato.

The variety of quirky and weird ice cream flavors with large amounts and affordable costs is one thing that sets Gusto Gelato apart and is unmatched.

The building of villas in Seminyak is booming due to the several factors mentioned above. Due to the convenience of access to various well-known locations in Bali, several developers are competing to offer the development of private villas in Seminyak.

Komodo Cruise Boat Tour, Visiting The Best Snorkeling Spot In The World

The Komodo cruise boat tour is great for those who have limited time and want to explore the islands. Why? The Komodo National Park area has many small and large islands and amazing dive spots. Sailing cruises can reach many spots in a limited time. Most tourists start their adventure to the island of Komodo from Bali. Enjoy the beauty of Bali and the Komodo National Park area on one of your vacation trips. Lots of boat charters providers in Bali provide a variety of options for guests to choose to plan a trip to Komodo Island.

Komodo Cruise Boat Tour, Visiting The Best Snorkeling Spot In The World

Komodo cruise boat tour exploring diving spot

The underwater life in Komodo National Park is extraordinary. According to the divers, Komodo Island is one of the top dive destinations on the planet. Seeing the largest reptile animals and diving are the main goal of tourists doing a Komodo cruise. It is possible for tourists who want to do snorkeling activities. The underwater currents of Komodo National Park are not for beginner divers. Don’t worry, it is possible for tourists who want to enjoy snorkeling activities. Some recommendations for diving spots that can amaze you.

Kanawa Island

The waters around Kanawa Island are very charming. Divers don’t have to go too far into the middle of the ocean just for corals, coral reefs, starfish, turtles, and some other marine animals. Kanawa Island is usually one of the islands included in your Komodo diving liveaboard trip list. Simply swim about 10 meters from the beach you can already see all the charms of the underwater world.

Taka Makassar

If you want to see giant stingrays, you must visit Taka Makassar. From the surface of the seawater of Taka Makassar, this 9 meters wide blackfish looks very contrast in the calm blue sea. At a depth of 4-6 meters, you can try dancing with manta rays. Make sure the diving and snorkeling equipment includes the facilities available on your Komodo cruise boat tour. 

Batu Bolong

This spot diving is one of the world’s most popular diving spots and is even the best snorkeling spot in the world. Batu Bolong is the name of a small rock island between the straits of the islands of Tatawa and Komodo. You will be presented with a view of thousands of fish of different sizes and types swimming around you. Coral reefs in Batu Bolong are a habitat for fish, like clownfish. Since the strong and volatile currents, you must be accompanied by professional divers who really understand this place well. 

How To Properly Review Unnecessary Business Expenses

It is easy for you to waste money on something that won’t benefit your business at all. Sometimes, it is something menial but when you keep adding it up to your business expense, there will be chaos in your finance sooner or later. It is important that you recheck and review your business expenses regularly to ensure you are not wasting money on unnecessary things. And here are some tips to properly review your business expense and maximize the role of your financial plan:

Understand your business plan

Sometimes, you are not able to decide whether or not an expense is too small or large is because you don’t understand your business plan, especially its context and impact. There are many factors to count in when you try to understand context and impact of expenses. They are essentiality, productivity, timing, frequency, and amount. Cut unnecessary items and sustain the value-adding ones. 

Conduct monthly review

If you don’t really have time to review your business expenses weekly, ten you can do it monthly. The point is to make it a regular thing so if there is something wrong, you can find it out sooner than later. You can do the review at the end of the month so so you every expense on your credit card. You will be able to see each subscription and evaluate whether or not each of them is valuable. 

Review critically

It is easy for many small business owners to feel like every expense is important hence they are afraid to cut some of them. However, it is important to be ruthless sometimes when it comes to business expenses. You need to review it critically and objectively. If one some expenses don’t even add value or desired return, there is no benefit from holding on to them. Critical review will help your business plan work more efficiently. 

Focus more on fixed expenses

Fixed expenses include office lease, employees, equipment, and inventory. To review your business plan, you need to evaluate whether or not these fixed expenses really critical to your next major business deliverable such as revenue goal, sales, marketing, or product release. If you find something that can help improve your business expenses then you may have to cut some of these fixed expenses.

Search for resources that can multitask

There are probably three things that need to be done but that doesn’t mean you need three tools to do all of them efficiently. Sometimes, you can look for one tool that can multitask instead so it results in more efficient business operation. It is applied to your business expenses as well. Make the most out of business resources. 

Take advantage of online resources

Technology is created to make our life easier. And that is why you must also consider taking your business online to take advantage of technology and see if you can advance your business more effectively. You may be able to find more effective marketing strategies using online resources at much lesser cost.