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Know The Right Principles To Create Iconic Brand

Having an iconic brand is a dream of many business owners. Iconic brand means it is recognized and known by target market. There is that extra factor that makes a brand draws the attention of many people and make them loyal customers. Building loyal customer base is challenging and it cannot be done overnight. It needs process that may take longer than you have imagined. 

Icon Brand
Pleasant emotions. One young beautiful girl demonstrating frame gesture isolated over light green background in neon light. Close-up image

The importance of having iconic brand for your business

Running a business of a brand that is iconic is possible for you. However, you need to know what strategies to make it work. One of the most important thing to consider is find a niche and focus on a specific target market. Also, it is just as important to deliver excellent customer experience and know what your customers need and want. Once you build iconic brand, you can build a loyal customer base. And here are also the principles of creating iconic brand:


Create a brand that is hard to forget. And you can start it with creating compelling storyline. Tell a story in an interesting way. You can include some attractive visuals so the customers get an experience scrolling through your website. Create a storyline just like how you want to create a movie. Make their exploration on your brand as memorable as possible. When  creating a landing page for your website for example, make sure to do it with purpose. What kind of story you want your customers to perceive, what kind of experience you want them to have. 


Being authentic is also important when you are trying to create iconic brand. It is way you can gain trust from your audience until they become your loyal customers. Do the things that only you can do but keep it real. Highlight the points that make your brand stand out from the rest. Utilize various aspects that can show your brand’s true side so you can build emotional connection with your audience. 


If your own first impression about your business is lackluster then it is highly likely that you are right. Other people may find it forgettable too. Hence, find something that makes your brand easy to recognize. Create an image that can be recognize by people easily by defining the main characteristics of your brand. This way, you will also be able to find what style or persona to choose. Develop a simple but recognizable logo with font and color scheme that can make customers immediately think of your brand when they see it. 


Be consistent in your journey of creating iconic brand. Find or create your own brand’s key traits and stick to them. It is how you can show your consistency and because of that people will rely on your brand more. Make sure to do things that align with your brand persona. However, be mindful when creating your brand persona from the beginning. Make sure to create the one where your priorities is to be aligned with what people need. 

Why You Should Investment Real Estate in Bali Seminyak ?

Bali does have a very powerful attraction for vacationing tourists and investors looking to make investments there. Many investors decide to invest in real estate, including villas, homes, and even guest houses. Depending of the type of investment chosen, investors must choose a strategic location for their property. For investment opportunities a highly advantageous location, purchasing real estate in Bali Seminyak may be their first choice. There is a lot of real estate available in Seminyak as well.

Real Estate Bali Seminyak

Why you should Investment real estate in Bali Seminyak

Surrounding Tourism Spots

The more people who visit, the greater the investment; it can also serve as a recommendation for selecting an advantageous location. Various tourism spots in Seminyak

Seminyak Beach

Seminyak Beach is the first and most accessible tourist destination in Seminyak. This beach, one of the lovely beaches on the Island of the Gods, is also frequently referred to as Dhyanapura beach. This beach radiates an unbelievable beauty, especially during the beauty of the sunset. Therefore, don’t be shocked if this beach fills up more in the evening.

Petitenget Beach

The next beach location is Petitenget Beach, which is also in Seminyak. This location is blessed with an unique charm and breathtaking coastal natural beauty. Because it still makes a single line with Kuta Beach, the coastline is quite beautiful. Locals and tourists from other countries frequently visit this site to relax and take in the warm sun. This beach is a popular destination for surfers of all skill levels because of the large waves.

Pura Petitenget

You can experience culture tourism close to Seminyak in addition to beach tourism by going to Petitenget Temple. This location is in Bali’s Kerobokan Village, which is part of the North Kuta District’s Badung Regency. Here, you can take in the breathtaking views and the beauty of the Balinese Hindu sacred architecture. Additionally, this venue offers historical and cultural tours for tourists.

Surrounding Famous Club in Bali 

The Seminyak area is particularly well-known for its nightlife, making it a popular tourist destination.

La Favela

La Favela Club is one of the top clubs in Bali that you must visit if you want to spend a night out in Seminyak while drinking Mexican-style beverages in an unique outdoor interior and outdoor garden ambience.

Potato Head Club

Think about how nice it would be to relax in the pool while drinking a cocktail and dancing to the beat of an international DJ’s upbeat music.

Mari Beach Club

This beach club mixes contemporary ideas with traditional Balinese characteristics, which are symbolized by bamboo and thatched roof architectural components that seem so exotic and compatible with the surroundings. The main structure itself takes its design cues from Mount Agung.

Surrounding Delicious Restaurant

Nasi Ayam Kedewatan Bu Mangku

There is nothing problem with this restaurant’s name being “Nasi Ayam” as there is only one menu available. Think about how awesome it would be to have a plate of delectable chicken rice in a traditional Balinese building that is so artistically designed with a rural setting and a large yard. A portion of chicken rice accompanied by satay lilit, fried chicken, pindang eggs, peanuts, betutu sauce, and of course chili sauce.

Gusto Gelato & Cafe

There is a popular ice cream shop in Seminyak that is usually always packed with people standing in line. His name is Gusto Gelato.

The variety of quirky and weird ice cream flavors with large amounts and affordable costs is one thing that sets Gusto Gelato apart and is unmatched.

The building of villas in Seminyak is booming due to the several factors mentioned above. Due to the convenience of access to various well-known locations in Bali, several developers are competing to offer the development of private villas in Seminyak.

Otherworldly Natural Phenomenon That Attract Visitors

Otherworldly Natural Phenomenon That Attract Visitors
Aurora Borealis. Original public domain image from Flickr

We all have known that earth is full of natural out of body-experience phenomenon. But they never cease to be amazing. Sometimes we even have to blink several times to make sure that what we see is real and not just pure imagination. Some of natural phenomenon are just too jaw-dropping to be real but maybe that’s part of the charm of nature. Its charms are endless and unbounded. 

Jaw-dropping natural phenomenon around the world

Some natural phenomenon are just too amazing which lead to many people want to see with their own eyes. Here are several natural phenomenon that have become tourist attractions as well.

Northern lights, Iceland

Northern lights or Aurora Borealis is natural phenomenon which occurs because storms on the sun send solar winds full of dust across space. What enter the Earth’s atmosphere near the poles (which are the place where the magnetic fields are weakest) is electrically charge solar particles. They result in beautiful shafts of pink, violet, blue, yellow, and green. One of the best northern lights can be found in Iceland since it is nearest location to the Earth’s north pole and has cold, dark winter nights.

Southern lights, Tasmania

Southern lights, Tasmania

If Northern lights are called Aurora Borealis, the Southern lights are called Aurora Australis. And you can find the most breathtaking southern lights in Antarctica, which is the nearest place to the south pole. And Tasmania, which is located 150 miles south of the Australian mainland offers the best southern light phenomenon. It can actually be seen all year in Tasmania but the best time is on dark winter nights. 

Drifting iceberg, Newfoundland

Drifting icebergs is what you can find in Newfoundland. Drifting icebergs are often spotted making their way past ‘Iceberg Alley’. The icebergs come from the pieces of ice that broke off the glaciers and fell into the ocean and caught by the ocean’s current. The icebergs come in variety of shapes, sizes, and even colors from snow-white to deep blue. The most ideal time to see them is around late May to early June. 

Frozen waterfalls, Niagara Falls

Southern lights, Tasmania

Niagara Falls is one of the most favorite destinations but seeing it during winter brings your excitement to another level since you can see the frozen Falls. However, the water is not actually freezing. It is the mist and spray that freeze and form ice crust over the falling water. Hence, it looks like the Falls is frozen when in actuality, the water is still rushing below the ice. 

Frozen bubbles, Lake Baikal, Russia

It is such an amazing natural phenomenon to see how bubbles get trapped in the ice of Siberia’s Lake Baikal. It is the freshwater lake that is the oldest, deepest, largest lake in the world that doesn’t have solid bottom. It only has sediment layer containing gas such as methane. As methane being released, it results in the bubbles rising to the surface. Those bubbles get trapped in the clear ice in layers during winter. The best time to witness those bubbles is around late November to December. 

6 Ways to Make Your Luxury Villa Bali More Instagrammable!

Ways to Make Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali Instagrammable!

With the rise of travel and lifestyle popularity on image-based social media like the Instagram, travelers are looking for places with beautiful aesthetic that can help boost their popularity on the platform. When they travel to Bali, these travelers are looking for unique vacation rentals with good decors or strong focal point where they can take good pictures or pose with stunning background. This is what owners of luxury villa rental Bali must realise if they want to stay on top of the competition. Aside from great pricing and strategic marketing, creating Instagrammable villas in Bali is important to draw guests’ interest to your space.

Create A Focal Point

The room’s focal point ought to have some “Wow Factor.” It can be the breathtaking view that is perfectly framed by the room’s decor or a piece of furniture with enduring appeal that always sparks debate. Whatever the item, it must be the one thing in the room that, when guests enter, they immediately notice and always comment on. Think like a photographer when choosing your room’s main point to attract more social media attention. Ask yourself, “How would I want to be photographed in this space?” Your entranceway is the ideal location for a focal point because it is probably the first thing a guest sees and where they form their first impression.

Have Ample of Natural Lighting

Have Ample of Natural Lighting

This is something every owners of Bali villas need to make sure before building or decorating their villas. The finest guest experience and the best images are both produced by natural light. Bright, open spaces may instantly put guests at ease, and they look fantastic in pictures.

Sadly, if a shot is poorly lit to begin with, no amount of editing will be able to fix it. However, by making sure that your home is brightly lighted, either naturally or artificially, you can entice guests to Instagram it. Keep in mind that hanging light fixtures and industrial lights can also transform an uninteresting setting into one that is worthy of a photo.

Boast the View on Your Bali Luxury Villas

Most luxurious villa rental in Bali are situated in a location which boasts incredible vistas. If your property have such luxury, do your best to highlight the scenery. If you are not lucky to have an oceanfront villa, create a lush garden in the backyard and position the rooms to face the gardeb. 

When designing the interior of a room, consider the layout so that the furnishings and backdrop can all be incorporated in one, Insta-worthy shot. It is also important to acknowledge lighting when planning a space, so that both the decor and people in the photos look their best. Nothing misses the point more than a home with a fabulous view where all the seating has been arranged to face a TV, and not the scenery your guest have traveled so far to see. 

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Be Bold with the Right Color Play

Be Bold with the Right Color Play

Consider how a little (but bold) adjustment could be more successful before buying enough paint to modify the entire color scheme of your house. Beiges, naturals, and whites are some examples of easy neutral color schemes that may be easily updated with an accent wall, a few bold accessories, or even unique artwork. This will enhance the visual appeal of your property, making it more instagrammable.

Freshen Up Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali with Some Indoor Plants

In addition to a lively little garden outside, bring in the freshness with some indoor plants. By adding plants and flowers indoors, you may demonstrate to any prospective guests how alive your space is. In photographs, a kitchen counter with a lovely bunch of flowers truly pops out. Bamboo and money trees are examples of low maintenance plants that require little maintenance and still look wonderful.

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Add Floaties to Your Pool

Add Floaters to Your Pool

This summer, pool floats have continued to be all the rage, as you may have noticed on your explore feed. There is a pool float to suit everyone’s taste, with shapes ranging from mermaids and unicorns to donuts and ice cream cones. Pool floats are one of the key essential accessories to have to create the ultimate Instagram atmosphere, whether you want to pose on one alone or with a friend.

Processing Payroll Properly For Your Business

Processing payroll can be taxing especially when you rely on yourself to do so. However, it is something that needs to be done accurately and properly so that you won’t put your business at risk. Running payroll is also a detailed-oriented process which means it can be time-consuming and time difficult. Hence, some business owners prefer using payroll software to handle the task. With the help of the right software, it is possible to streamline the payroll process seamlessly and efficiently. Some business owners also prefer to hire professional payroll processing service to do the task. Regardless, it is important that you understand all the steps involved in the process. 

Text, word Payroll is written on a folder lying on documents on an office desk with a laptop and a calculator. Business concept.

General payroll processing checklists you must know

Keep in mind that each company may have different variables specifically which affect how payroll is processed. Below is general payroll processing checklist you must know as you run your own business:

  • Employer identification number or called EIN is necessary in order to identify your company for tax purposes.
  • Tax identification numbers or state and local for taxation and recordkeeping. 
  • Tax information of your employees which include all full-timers and part-timers, contract and freelance employees. 
  • Wage or salary information of your employees
  • Direct deposit information of your employees if applicable
  • Federal and state withholding accounts 
  • Payroll budget account
  • Payroll schedule
  • Paper checks or direct deposit service
  • Tax payment schedule

Those are important information you need to get to process payroll properly. In addition, you need to pay attention on certain things while processing payrolls such as make sure that financial records are complete, detailed, and organized. It is just as important to pay federal and state taxes on time to avoid unnecessary problems. 

Processing payroll more effectively

Processing payroll more effectively will be beneficial for your business in the long run. With the right strategies, it is possible for you to do it seamlessly. Make sure that you don’t miss any necessary steps of payroll processing, such as:

Review employee information

It is possible that there is new or changed information regrading to your employee. Hence, reviewing the information before processing payroll will help prevent unnecessary error. 

Review gross pay

It is important to calculate your gross pay in which you calculate thoroughly how much money each of your employee will receive before withholding. Know the period of payrolls in which you pay your employees be it weekly, biweekly, monthly, etc. 

Review net pay

Your net pay should be reviewed as well before processing payroll. Calculate how much money that must be deducted from each employee’s pay for taxes and withholding. 

Do a final review

Review everything in the end to make sure that all the data is correct and there is no mistakes to make. 

Final steps

Payroll report should be informed to the stakeholders since it is significant budget item of your business and they have to know about it. Make payments on time through direct deposit payment or paper checks. Then, make sure to distribute employees’ withholding accordingly into the proper account for various payments. 

What To Prepare for Your One Day Komodo Trip?

Komodo Island has always been a special concern in the eyes of the world. This world tourist destination offers the charm of ancient animals that only exist in Komodo National Park Indonesia. If you are on vacation in Bali, you only need 1 hour to reach the island of Komodo. It’s a shame if you miss the Komodo trip from Bali. If you are traveling from Jakarta, the Bali-Komodo flight is a perfect choice. There is always a pleasure when you return from Komodo and transit to Bali.

What To Prepare for Your One Day Komodo Trip?

Komodo Trip – Airline schedules to and from Labuan Bajo

Domestic flights offer a schedule that you can customize. Due to COVID-19, flight schedules may change. The availability of flights from Bali to Labuan Bajo will certainly change. Entrance to Komodo National Park may also be affected due to COVID-19.

Airline schedules to and from Bajo

AIR ASIA12:55 – 14:1514:40 – 15:00
WINGS AIR08:00 – 091508:40 – 10:00

12:50 – 14:1009:35 – 10:55

13:55 – 15:1516:00 – 17:20
GARUDA INDONESIA07:30 – 09:0516:00 – 17:40

11:00 – 12:5512:55 – 14:30

CITILINK12:00 – 15:2015:50 – 17:05
GARUDA INDONESIA10:55 – 14:2515:20 – 16:10
BATIK AIR12:00 – 15:2015:50 – 17:05

The Best time to do Komodo Trip

Certain times of the year are better suited for your Komodo tour package if you are visiting for the purpose of seeing the wildlife.

The months of April through June are in Indonesia’s rainy season, so expect lush green and blossoming leafy landscapes, as well as gentle and crystal clear waters lapping at Komodo beaches.

While September to November is ideal for spotting sea creatures, this is also an excellent time to dive Komodo! Spotting manta rays, sea turtles, fluorescent fish, and whale sharks are among the highlights.

The high season is known to be from June to August, so if you don’t mind crowds, make sure to book your day Komodo tour early. These will be difficult to come by if you visit on a whim!

As previously stated, there is no bad time to visit a fantastical island inhabited by these prehistoric mythical creatures and other spellbinding wildlife, but it is useful to know what to expect when visiting at any given time.

Where to stay in Labuan Bajo

If you check the flight schedule, the earliest flight is Garuda Indonesia. Even if you take an early morning flight, you still have to stay a day in Labuan Bajo because the Komodo tour will start at 6 am and end at 16.15. Automatically, you have to stay 1 night before and after the Komodo day tour ends. Let’s check accommodation in Labuan Bajo!

Eco Tree O`tel (Rp. 450.000,-)


  • Free breakfast
  • Free internet
  • Aircon each room
  • Spa
  • Bilyard
  • You can check in 24 jam.

Jalan Soekarno Hatta No. 222, Labuan Bajo, Flores 86754 Indonesia

La Boheme Bajo (Rp. 350.000,-)


  • Free internet
  • Free breakfast
  • Kids area
  • Yoga area
  • Aircon each room

Jalan Trans Flores, Kabupaten Manggarai Barat, Labuan Bajo, Flores 86554 Indonesia

Komodo Lodge (Rp. 375.000,-)


  • Free internet
  • Free breakfast
  • Airport transport
  • Laundry service
  • Diving 
  • Fast check in/check out

Jalan Mutiara, Kampung Ujung, Labuan Bajo, Flores 86754 Indonesia

Cold Emailing To Bring In More Promising Sale Leads

There are many ways you can generate more leads for your business. One of the most important things to pay attention to is choose the tools and processes that will work best. Sending cold emails has been considered as one of the most effective ways. Many people see cold email skeptically but it works well if you know how to execute it. With the right knowledge of how to write cold emails properly and what factors that will engage recipients more, this strategy will result in more sale leads to generate. 

Cold Emailing To Bring In More Promising Sale Leads

Cold emailing strategy

This strategy is no something new in business practice. In fact, it is one of the most classic methods in marketing strategy. Col email is any email you send out to a lead or prospective clients with whom you have no previous connection. This is considered a one-on-one attempt to reach out consumers with the goal of building an ongoing relationship with the recipients. Cold emailing is almost similar to cold calling. However, cold emailing is considered less intrusive and more feasible. Here are some important factors to include when writing effective cold emails to generate more sale leads:


What you write on your cold email should be as authentic as possible. It means you need to establish your credibility for ongoing communication. Make sure that the emails you are going to send has clear display of the sender’s name and relevant credentials as well. Pt natural flair on your message and avoid robotic tone. Make your email more conversational and friendly. You can even add a touch of humour to show that human element. Also, reread your message again before sending it out. 


You need to build a connection through your cold emailing strategy. It should have the purpose of initiating a relationships rather closing a sale. Therefore, find a way to connect with your target audience. You can start with small things such as addressing the recipients by names to establish that personal connection. To make your message more targeted and relevant, do some research of your target audience first. Hence, you know who they are, their pain points, and important element to build sustainable relationships. 


To avoid your email sound like a robot-made, personalize the message to cater specifically to the person you are about to contact. Tailoring your message is vital to convey your insight well. Keep in mind to make the message not about you but your target audience. The email should contain something that cater to the needs of the recipients. 


You need to ensure the recipients that you are trustworthy and credible. Hence, validate yourself by providing enough social proof to build trust in your business. you may also have shared contacts in your emails so highlight them in the message. You can also make references to customers or big names within your industry who have used your products or services. Also, keep your message short and actionable by including clear directives and explicit objectives.

Bali Development & How To Build Your Villa As A Foreigner?

Restrictions on travel from overseas during the COVID-19 pandemic have dealt a serious blow to the tourism industry. Bali is one of the small islands that are almost entirely economically dependent on the tourism industry. The good thing is, Bali development has re-emerged after the reopening of domestic and foreign travel without having to quarantine.

Bali Development & How To Build Your Villa As A Foreigner?

The influence of the tourism industry on villa development Bali

The changing nature of office work during the pandemic is the biggest factor projected to increase housing in Bali. The domestic work from the Bali program is one way to improve the economy during the pandemic. Villa development in Bali received a drastic direct impact during the pandemic. The termination of the home construction and villa development process in Bali is very detrimental to many parties.

The number of cases of the COVID-19 pandemic in Indonesia has decreased drastically. This has a huge impact on tourism in Bali because the door is opened for foreign tourists. This is a sign that Bali’s tourism journey is on its way to full recovery.

The opening of the door for foreign tourism has had a very positive impact on Bali villas and home construction. Domestic and foreign investors again showed a positive response to re-invest their capital in Bali. Home construction and villa development in Bali are one of the investments considering that Bali is ranked as the 370th cheapest place to live out of the 589 largest cities in the world.

Builder Bali & A Guide to building villa

Building a villa in Bali will be very complicated without professional guidance, especially for foreigners. Indonesia has complicated land tenure regulations and investment requirements. Foreign investors will really need the help of a Bali construction company that is able to help them handle all the construction, design, and document processes needed. Let’s check a guide on how foreigners buy land and build a villa in Bali. 

Establish a PT PMA

Establishing a foreign-owned company is the only legal entity that allows foreigners to run a business or own property. Given that the property market in Bali continues to grow, it is very important for foreign investors to build a healthy property portfolio and earn more income. Property ownership for foreigners must of course fully comply with the applicable property laws & regulations in Indonesia.

Identify suitable land locations

Although Bali is a relatively small island, the price of land in each area will vary. If you want to invest in a developing area, land prices in the Canggu & Seminyak area range from 600 million to 1.5 billion per 100 square meters. As for remote areas, you can get land with prices ranging from 100 million – 375 million per 100 meters.

Get your land in Bali

There are numerous types of land titles and ownership in Indonesia that foreign investors considering building a villa in Bali should be aware of. Real estate agents and private landowners will typically refer to leasehold or freehold property. Contact one shop Bali construction company that is ready to help with all the land purchase processes, notaries, and the required document processing.

Looking for a project manager

Villa development in Bali requires a lot of time, capital, and professional construction management skills. Bali developers will be very helpful if the project has to be completed within the allotted time. The goal is to meet cost constraints and quality requirements.

Building Permit

Property development in Indonesia requires an IMB or building permit. An Izin Mendirikan Bangunan, or IMB, is a legal permit that allows buildings to be built in Indonesia. Before obtaining one, you should research spatial planning and land zoning regulations in the area where your building will be built. This is due to the fact that certain lands or zones only permit specific building uses. The IMB permit is being phased out and will be obsolete by January 2022, when it will be replaced by PBG and SLF permits under the new Omnibus Laws, which are overhauling and regulating Indonesian legislation under the administration of President Joko Widodo.

Looking for a professional contractor

You can trust not all Bali contractors to build your house or villa. A professional contractor must be able to provide timely service, work within budget and meet high standards. The mistake of choosing a contractor will lead to an increase in the budget for the construction of your house or villa.

Creating Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

Being able to launch your product is not the end of your business journey. One of the most important steps is make your product or service known. To do that, you need to create effective marketing plan from the beginning. Lots of people today say a lot about social media marketing, saying that few posts on social media platforms will make boost your business to the sky. However, it is not as easy as that. It does matter to create and craft your own marketing plan that will work for your business. 

Creating Marketing Plan For Your Small Business

Understanding the important of marketing plan for your business

Marketing plan is a road map you need to craft strategically in order to communicate with your target audience. With effective marketing plan, you can promote your products or services to your target audience successfully. Marketing plans can range from basic to highly detailed, depending on your goals. 

What kind of marketing plans to create for your business?

Make sure the types of marketing plans you choose make sense for your organization. It is possible for your small business to need a combination of several types of marketing plans for effective result. Some of the most used marketing plans include branding plan, advertising plan, content marketing plan, public relation plan, retention plan, search engine optimization plan, social media plan, and many more. 

Important elements for creating effective marketing plan

As mentioned earlier that you need to craft marketing plan that make sense to your business. It means you need to customize your marketing plans according to your business’s interest. Several important elements you need to include when creating marketing plan for your business include:

  • Business goals 
  • Key metrics
  • Strategies to implement
  • Thorough plan on how to execute strategies
  • Reporting

Actionable things to do when creating marketing plan

Here are important things you need to do to create thorough and effective marketing plan for your small business:

Make your mission statement

Mission statement contains your company’s values and how they relate to your business’s overall goals as an organization which include information such as what your company do today, things that are important to your company, brand identity, company culture, etc.

Identify target market

It is important to define your target market so the money you spend on marketing will be paid off. Gather data about your customers’ demographic, needs, interests, buying behavior, etc. 

In-dept information of products ad services

Instead of listing your products and services, it is more effective to think critically of what you can offer through your products and services, what benefits the customers will get, etc. 

Pricing strategy

Pricing does matter when you create marketing plan so you can better market your product while developing marketing strategies that are realistic and beneficial for your business in the long run. 

Actionable, realistic plans

All your strategies and plans should be actionable so you know what actual steps to take in order to enact your marketing plan. Make sure that the plans are realistically implemented to carry out your ideas.

Best Komodo Diving Liveaboard Season To Go

Komodo National Park is indeed popular among diving lovers. To dive in Komodo, you must have at least an open water certificate. The Komodo National Park in Indonesia is hidden between the islands of Sumbawa and Flores. While it is famous for its resident Komodo Dragons, visitors are flocking to its shores for another reason: to witness the magical underwater life that surrounds the Komodo Islands. And what better way to explore this diving mecca than on a Komodo diving liveaboard? Komodo liveaboard budgets frequently outstrip backpacker budgets. So, is it really worth it?

Best Komodo Diving Liveaboard Season To Go

Magnificent Komodo Diving

The Komodo Islands are breathtaking! From snorkelers to divers, young and old, the Komodo Islands are yours to explore, and nothing beats the natural beauty and unspoiled islands of Komodo National Park.

With over 30 dive sites to choose from, it’s a scuba diver’s paradise. These sites are scattered throughout the vast park, with day tours departing from the port town of Labuan Bajo on the Indonesian island of Flores.

Scuba diving Komodo season

December to March: The rainy season between December and March is the best time to avoid diving in the Komodo Islands. The rainy season is brutal, with massive rainstorms almost daily. There are still day tours and Komodo sailing trips available during this time, but they will be unpleasant. On the plus side, the wet season is prime time to see manta rays!

Manta rays, sharks, eels, and turtles – diving in the Komodo Islands is a must-do activity. Let’s check diving season in Komodo island!

Manta ray in komodo island
a shaloow coral reef in batu bolong komodo national park

April to June: This is one of the best times to dive in Komodo National Park, with warm sunny days, clear skies, excellent visibility, and lush green islands following the rainy season.

July to August: The peak scuba diving season begins in July, which means large crowds and a slew of liveaboards all over the park.

From September to November, there will be fewer crowds and more underwater activity! From September, expect to see a large number of Mantas and possibly even whale sharks. The conditions are ideal, and this is one of the best times to dive in the Komodo Islands.

Komodo liveaboard is incredible because you spend several days on a boat with cabins and a kitchen, diving during the day and sleeping under the stars at night. While Komodo diving liveaboards are not inexpensive, they provide a once-in-a-lifetime experience. Diving on a liveaboard allows you to visit popular sites during quieter times of the day.