6 Ways to Make Your Luxury Villa Bali More Instagrammable!

Ways to Make Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali Instagrammable!

With the rise of travel and lifestyle popularity on image-based social media like the Instagram, travelers are looking for places with beautiful aesthetic that can help boost their popularity on the platform. When they travel to Bali, these travelers are looking for unique vacation rentals with good decors or strong focal point where they can take good pictures or pose with stunning background. This is what owners of luxury villa rental Bali must realise if they want to stay on top of the competition. Aside from great pricing and strategic marketing, creating Instagrammable villas in Bali is important to draw guests’ interest to your space.

Create A Focal Point

The room’s focal point ought to have some “Wow Factor.” It can be the breathtaking view that is perfectly framed by the room’s decor or a piece of furniture with enduring appeal that always sparks debate. Whatever the item, it must be the one thing in the room that, when guests enter, they immediately notice and always comment on. Think like a photographer when choosing your room’s main point to attract more social media attention. Ask yourself, “How would I want to be photographed in this space?” Your entranceway is the ideal location for a focal point because it is probably the first thing a guest sees and where they form their first impression.

Have Ample of Natural Lighting

Have Ample of Natural Lighting

This is something every owners of Bali villas need to make sure before building or decorating their villas. The finest guest experience and the best images are both produced by natural light. Bright, open spaces may instantly put guests at ease, and they look fantastic in pictures.

Sadly, if a shot is poorly lit to begin with, no amount of editing will be able to fix it. However, by making sure that your home is brightly lighted, either naturally or artificially, you can entice guests to Instagram it. Keep in mind that hanging light fixtures and industrial lights can also transform an uninteresting setting into one that is worthy of a photo.

Boast the View on Your Bali Luxury Villas

Most luxurious villa rental in Bali are situated in a location which boasts incredible vistas. If your property have such luxury, do your best to highlight the scenery. If you are not lucky to have an oceanfront villa, create a lush garden in the backyard and position the rooms to face the gardeb. 

When designing the interior of a room, consider the layout so that the furnishings and backdrop can all be incorporated in one, Insta-worthy shot. It is also important to acknowledge lighting when planning a space, so that both the decor and people in the photos look their best. Nothing misses the point more than a home with a fabulous view where all the seating has been arranged to face a TV, and not the scenery your guest have traveled so far to see. 

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Be Bold with the Right Color Play

Be Bold with the Right Color Play

Consider how a little (but bold) adjustment could be more successful before buying enough paint to modify the entire color scheme of your house. Beiges, naturals, and whites are some examples of easy neutral color schemes that may be easily updated with an accent wall, a few bold accessories, or even unique artwork. This will enhance the visual appeal of your property, making it more instagrammable.

Freshen Up Your Luxury Villa Rental Bali with Some Indoor Plants

In addition to a lively little garden outside, bring in the freshness with some indoor plants. By adding plants and flowers indoors, you may demonstrate to any prospective guests how alive your space is. In photographs, a kitchen counter with a lovely bunch of flowers truly pops out. Bamboo and money trees are examples of low maintenance plants that require little maintenance and still look wonderful.

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Add Floaties to Your Pool

Add Floaters to Your Pool

This summer, pool floats have continued to be all the rage, as you may have noticed on your explore feed. There is a pool float to suit everyone’s taste, with shapes ranging from mermaids and unicorns to donuts and ice cream cones. Pool floats are one of the key essential accessories to have to create the ultimate Instagram atmosphere, whether you want to pose on one alone or with a friend.

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