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Establish Yourself As Thought Leader Using Social Media

Thought leaders are often perceived as those who are knowledgeable on a specific topic or industry. However, it runs deeper than that. Being a thought leader also means establishing yourself or your company as an expert within your field. Hence, being knowledgeable is not the only trait of a thought leader. To become a thought leader, you make people come to your when they seek for information they need. Then, thought leaders continue to create conversation and open discussion encouraging others to get involved as well. 

How to establish yourself as though leader

When you look at the definition of thought leader, it seems similar to social media influencers who are also regarded as authorities with massive followers on their platforms. Their followers look to them for the upcoming trends, information, advice, etc. To become thought leader, you can also use your way just like how social media influencers do. The goal is the same which is to grab the attention of the audience.

Establish Yourself As Thought Leader Using Social Media

Many people see social media as a hell hole but you can also take advantage of social media from business perspective. It is in fact, considered as one of the biggest marketing tool that can elevate your business to another level. Using the available platforms, you can access and reach out your consumers. Also, there are various platforms to choose from. You can use one platforms or more that fit your objectives and target audience. 

You can brand yourself as a thought leader by engaging more with your audience. It needs dedication and commitment. Also, you need to provide quality content to attract audience’s attention. Quality contents should be provided on regular basis to keep the engagement. Make sure that the content is insightful so the audience will recognize that what you share is in higher caliber. 

To know what kind of content to provide, you need to know your target audience as well. You need to know who might need your content, who seek the information you have, etc. This also allows you to get better understanding of who your followers are. Content that is too general won’t be as impactful as when it is specifically crafted to cater to specific group. By knowing who your audiences are, you know as well what strategy marketing to implement to keep them hooked. 

Do not discourage when you have small followers in the beginning. It is normal to start small. Followers grow slowly sometimes. You have to keep delivering shareable, interesting contents to attract more people to follow you on social media. Do not just stop at sharing quality content. You need to establish the engagement by proactively engage with your audience. Respond to their comments, start a dialogue with someone who show their interest on the topic you shared, etc. 

While being consistent in providing quality content, you may need to diversify it as well. You can also provide other than written articles such as short video clip, audio attachment, and many other formats. Do not be afraid to experiment while thinking about your audience. 

Facing Challenges In Building A Startup

Facing Challenges In Building A Startup

A startup is considered to have a high chance to success but also full of challenges in the process of building it. Not to mention that each startup faces different, unique challenges. Therefore, it will be hard to find one-size-fit-all strategy. Also, as you build your startup, the old challenges don’t just disappear. They just become more common so you already know how to deal with them while still growing your business. 

How to face unique challenges in building startup

In any business, challenges are inevitable. You can avoid mistakes but challenges are unavoidable. Facing them is the ultimate thing you can do instead. Challenges appear in various aspects of business such as marketing, recruitment, production, sales, and more. Here are the most common challenges entrepreneurs face when building a startup.

Find and prove your business in the beginning

The idea to product comes with challenges. You can only prove your business when you know there is market for it. This way, your customers will find your solution useful for their problems. Then, the numbers of your customers will keep increasing and your sales is up. It will become more possible for you to earn profit. Even if the profit is not significant, at least, you know you are in the right path to make your business profitable. 

Study the competition

In the initial stage of proving your business, it is essential to study the competition you are in. It is also important to build good communication with customers by talking to them. Work with trusted team members who share the same vision. Also, do not hesitant to seek guidance. Then, launch your product ins mall scale for testing. The result will gives you the insight if what you will do is worth pursuing. 

Prove the potential of your business

Study the competition

After gaining validation that your solution is needed by many people, then it is time to prove that your business has the potential to grow. You have to use key metrics during this stage so you know what is happening and how far your progress is. It is important to choose the right channel that can provide you consistent stream of potential customers. After having steady stream, you can start maximizing the key metrics. 

Listen to customers

To do everything more smoothly, it is important to always listen to what your customers say attentively. Pay attention to what they do so you know the growth of your customers base and you know exactly what they need. Try to speak with your customers more often for more accurate information. When your business grows well, you may need to consider growing your development team as well. 

Know the growth levers of the business

When you are in the stage of transition, you need to know the growth levers of the business because you aim to transition from product to customer interest. Find out the reasons why customers use your products and what factors that keep them engaged. Then, there will be times for your startup to accelerate with bigger marketing. A startup is always growing from the beginning because growth itself is not a standalone phase in building startup. 

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Have Difficulty To Sleep At Night

Everyone must already know how important it is to have a good night’s sleep. Your body develops its immune system the best at night when it rests. However, hearing entrepreneurs not having enough sleep is so common that you don’t even bat an eye. Many people assume that entrepreneurs are just hardworking fellas who like to optimize the hours they have to build their success. Well, it may be true but not entirely. There are also many other reasons why entrepreneurs seem to often have difficulty to have good quality sleep.

Things that make entrepreneurs hard to sleep at night

Reasons Why Entrepreneurs Have Difficulty To Sleep At Night

Having enough rest is essential to keep your body functioning as it is supposed to be. However, it is easier said than done especially for entrepreneurs who often think that 24 hours a day is not enough for them. Here are some of things that keep entrepreneurs up at night instead of sleeping soundly:

Thinking hard about the past and future is probably one of the most common reason why many entrepreneurs difficult to fall asleep at night. As entrepreneurs, you might worry a lot about your future as well as your capability to thrive with your business. You might also keep replaying your past and think what you can do to change it. It makes your brain overworked. Instead of indulging your wandering thought back and forth to the past and future, fill your thoughts with good things or imagination that makes you smile instead of thinking too hard. 

Over-excitement can also lead many entrepreneurs to have trouble to sleep. When you are really onto something, you get so excited that you cannot wait for the day to over. You keep thinking of how you want to work on your idea faster. You keep imagining the things you want to do with the ideas in mind so your brain is not relaxing or preparing to sleep. You may also end up writing things you want to do to contain your excitement. Meditate and practice deep breathing when you are over-excited before bedtime. 

Thinking of the unfulfilled potentials or achievements can also keep you stay awake throughout the night. You feel like you have done something that is different from your purpose of the beginning of the day, resulting different outcome at the end of the day. This can put you in a bad mood so you keep thinking bad things and the what ifs. Going to sleep won’t make what you achieved at the end of the day worse. Staying awake won’t make it better either. However, sleep can make you wake up feeling more refreshed, recharged and ready to fulfill other goals. 

Many entrepreneurs experience a sudden feeling of uneasiness about something they even don’t know about. If you also often experience this feeling and make you lose sleep many nights, try to ignore it. Also, that niggling feeling is not always a sign of bad thing coming but can be a good thing as well. 

Personalization To Make Your Brand Shine More

Personalization To Make Your Brand Shine More

Creating the best product doesn’t guarantee your brand will capture consumers. You need more than just the best but product that can truly be the answer of consumers’ problems. Hence, personalization is one of the best strategies you can use to make your brand shine brighter than your competition. Keep in mind that consumers have endless options of where they can buy products they want/ they can go to any brand. However, they will also prefer a brand they can trust. Personalization can be used to build trust with your customers. 

Personalized products to boost your business

Personalized marketing usually uses data and insight in order to cater to individual’s needs of your customers. It aims to ensure they get individualized experience. Personalization can help build and strengthen customer relationships. You will be steps ahead of your competition if you can provide what customers truly need and want. 

Improve your customer service

Improve your customer service

To get started with personalizing your product, you need to improve your customer service. Make sure to humanize it to fully support your customers. It is often that a brand struggling due to poor customer service which leaves customers unsatisfied and decreased sales. Even if you use automation, customer service still need human elements to process because you build relationships with real humans not a robot. Hence, you need to treat your customers as human instead of only a transaction.

Humanizing customer services 

Many businesses too focus on creating high quality products and forgetting the importance of customer service. At the end, they neither gain customer trust nor increase sales. Humanizing customer service can be done by appointing trained representatives with good personalities, using friendlier and casual tones during conversation with customers, collecting data and feedback from customer via chatbots, and so on. 

Relevant and engaging contents

Relevant and engaging contents

Create more relevant content so you know exactly how to attract customers. To be relevant, you need to find out more information about your customers’ interest, problems, pain points, and so on. Once you know all of those things, you will know how to speak to them accordingly. You can deliver your service with empathy and care. This way, your customers will feel at ease and more comfortable with you. Your brand will also have relatable point to make your customers stay. 

Write personalized copy

You can try writing personalized copy for your product descriptions, landing pages, videos, pricing pages, and so on. This way, your online platforms such as blog, website, social media channel will create more engagement with customers because you give them the right reasons to take actions. 

Personalize pop-ups

You can also try personalizing pop-ups. It is considered one of the most effective ways to attract visitors to your online platforms. When visitors scrolling through your website, the pop-ups with their names will appear and it makes them special. To do this, of course you have to make visitors give their names, or usernames first. Then, you can use them for future references when they make a visit again. Hence, they will receive individualized experience no other brands can give. 

Problems that Appeared During the Beginning Property Investment

There are sure to be many advantages to investing your money in the property. However, we should also be aware that the investment itself may have drawbacks that you probably never forgot or never saw in your mind. Investing in real estate has been done for a long time until now, and with the knowledge and experience we have gained, we have sometimes found what we didn’t need to hear in this area. 


So I have prepared some of the weaknesses of investing in real estate. Knowing the weaknesses of real estate investment, I hope I don’t prevent you from investing in this activity. Rather, I hope that you know all the drawbacks and that you can prepare one or two preventive actions to get out of what could lead you to the scrap heap. You know that it will take a lot of money to invest, so you better prepare yourself.

Management Expense

So now you have a property in your hand, right? The fact is, if you don’t sell or rent it in no time, then you’ll have to make sure that the building is maintained yourself or through some other service. The fact is, no matter what you choose, you still have to spend some of the money. If you expect the price of your property to continue to rise, be aware that it will only do so if you maintain the building at its best level.

High-cost transaction

You already knew that, didn’t you? It’s actually the first weakness of real estate investment for many of us. The price of real estate could even save you money when you run out of stock. Not to mention the fees for the real estate broker, taxes and many other charges. A high return investment also comes with a high price.

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Amortization of the Building

Your property may have been built on an expensive piece of land in a prime location. The price of the land or land prices will keep increasing because of its scarcity, but not because of the construction. The soil could last an eternity rather than the building itself, depending on the quality of the materials and the level of robustness of the construction.

Physical Hazard

If we compare real estate investment to any other type of investment, we realize that the property is at risk of destroying the land and the building itself, due to earthquakes, landslides and many other natural disasters. Although, you can always anticipate by registering the property for insurance. These are all the weaknesses in real estate investment that I know so far in general! They should not scare you at all. Simply as I said earlier, prepare for the worst situation you might encounter in your investment

Villas in Seminyak as Ultimate Vacation Option

Get your hands on to the most demanding experience in villas in seminyak. Accomplish your vacation wish by staying in the favourite villas that brings an ultimate experience. Moreover, this market has reaching its peak point than ever, whether its suitable for both investment and vacation residence. The best part would define by the time you will spend in this amazing unit during your vacation.

Villas in Seminyak Interior

In fact, Bali will be remind as a special place for tourist and foreigner as their favourite destination and vacation. Its undoubtedly that most of them are willing to purchase as their home residence. Afterwards, it supported by the law and regulation of purchasing the villa unit, which are open for foreigner and not difficult to own. All the vacationeer have to do is to find the best property listing to provide them a suitable vacation option.

Ultimate Residence for Vacation

Labeled as the combination of minimalist and traditional style that blend perfectly in villas in seminyak. Get a feel of vibrant and serene environment of the property unit and spend an exciting times with the loved ones. Moreover, the unique experience you will witness here, cant be found elsewhere or around the world.

Villas in Seminyak Spacious Garden

For a long decade, Seminyak has attracted huge amount of travellers and professional who seek job opportunity in this area. Instead of vacation purpose, Seminyak area is also fit for business environment and career development. Meanwhile, Bali is affordable for most of the things, its not all expensive as various people think it will be.

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Great Villas in Seminyak For Dream Vacation

With the title of favourite area in Bali, many tourist are heading over to this area to secure hot property. Furthermore lots of property are currently in mass development to match the demands.

For instance this villas in seminyak which offers dynamic and attractive value of Bali. Features with 2 master bedroom and 2 exquisite bathroom makes this suitable for small group vacation. The current price is below the average of market, which makes this an excellent deal of the year. In addition, with low rates and maximum benefit, its a no brainer for a long term vacation stay.

Villas in Seminyak Living Room

When you planning to travel in Seminyak soon, you will not regret by this exquisite villa as option. Offers a spacious room and a lot of space, you and your group could add any stuff and object you want. Moreover, its accesible to various public facilities, market and tourist attraction.

Inside the property, you could find a fine living room filled with astonishing furniture where you chill and relax. All of these villas in seminyak facilities are on-demand for vacationeers like you. So head over to to enquire this villa with the ideal promotion deal!

How To Make WFH Work For Business

WFH or work from home policy is made due to the situation following the global pandemic this year. It is part of the effort to lower the risk of the virus transmission and infection. However work from home is also seen to cause some hassle such as a sense of disconnectedness, miscommunication, and more. Making WFH work for your business is possible if you use the right strategies. It is important to keep in mind that revolution in the way we work happens regardless of the situation with the covid-19. 

Leading your team to make WFH work

One of the most challenging things about work from home policy is that leading your team to do it so they are still productive and business operation still run smoothly even where everyone works in different location. Problems with internet connection, miscommunication, laziness, and more can be prevented by implementing the right strategy to the WFH.

Work From Home

Establish agreement for when and how the works get done. For example, set work hours just like when you do when everyone worked in the office. Inform your team to be on standby from 9am to 4am for example. Hence, everyone in your team know that in that period, they are responsible to do their tasks effectively or being able to be contacted. Also set a three or four days a week to have a video call or online meetings. It helps you and your team to stay focused while working. 

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Try to create more connections with your team members. It is reported that one of the downfalls of WFH is the feeling of disconnected. Feeling less loyal to the team and organization is also experienced by many people. The distance of working that has never been experienced before can cause a strain to the relationships and bonds between team members. 

Therefore, it is important to increase connection between the team members. You can do it by having a ‘virtual coffee’ where you and your team members can have a casual conversations for 20 to 30 minutes. You can use this opportunity to check in on your team members. It can be a way for you to ensure the physical and mental well-being of your team members. 

Put your trust on your team members. Have a faith on them so they don’t feel like you are constantly on their neck. Avoid checking on their deadlines too frequent. By giving them your trust rightfully, your team members will feel more appreciated and able to go through this difficult situation. However, trust is not easy to give. Therefore, you need to hire the right people to build trust with. 

Changes are often hard and and it takes time to get used to them comfortably. Discuss with your team members if they have their own opinions on making WFH work for everyone. Give everyone the same opportunity to share their opinions. This way, you can formulate and innovate more effective strategies to keep your team motivated working from their home

Purchasing Bali Property Villa For Investment

Moving to Bali property villa can be a great time where you could live peacefully. A new moment and adventure are there to step up for you. This being said, purchasing the unit before you study its essential thing can be quite a headache in the future. The following article will share some of the tips that you could do to help your purchasing decision. Furthermore, purchasing bali property villa for investment.

Bali Property Villa Serene Environment

Bali Property Villa Ready to Move In

Making sure that the unit will ready to moving in when you have purchased it can be quite tricky. Its usually depends on hows the construction of the villa. Whether its constructed years before but not 100% complete or its still on designing progress.

Being label as move-in ready includes the complete installment of all heating, air conditioning electricity, plumbing and other functioning. In addition, these are the essential things you need before move-in, so make sure that all aspect are functioning.

Set The Right Budget

When the decision ends for buying, a big part to consider to the offer is the Budget. If you’re not sure about the market price, ask for opinion to a realtor in the area. They will provide you the market insight and idea of price range as your benchmark. Moreover, one common strategy for a steal deal is to buy within the price of 10-15% below the market valuation. With that you could gain a huge profit once you resell it to another investor.

Bali Property Villa Master Bedroom

Alternative Buying Option

Whenever you need to buy bali property villa quickly. As if, it should have been secured few months ago, theres a lot of alternative option to help you. Useful bali real estate listing platform like could provide any of your request. By enquire via a safe and secure platform, you dont have to waste the time on surveys and property open house. Typically, the platform list villa and property that match its condition and provide simple and secure process for purchasing.

Bali Property Villa Living Room

Calming Villa Complex to Purchase in Kerobokan. This remarkable bali property villa is recently renovated in February 2020. Its enclosed in a calming environment of Kerobokan.  Furthermore, this amazing villa features 2 spacious master bedrooms with elegant bathrooms. Its concept and decoration delivers a great taste and preference of luxury interior and decoration.

Moreover, provide with 3 AC units, huge living area, great lounge table, full set kitchen , 6x3m of swimming pool, storage keep, good water quality and internet hotspot throughout the unit. This exceptional bali property villa is available for sale in platform. Book now as this is an ideal offer for retirement home or future investment. 

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When To Know You Need Consultants Help For Your Business

Many entrepreneurs have claimed that they are and will be fine running their business on their own without any help. However, it is not always true. In fact, if even if you decide to go solo , you still need others to help you achieve your goals.


Many entrepreneurs avoid getting help from customers for different reasons. Some of them is that they don’t want to lose a sense of independency. However, keep in mind that you cannot solve all problems. There are situations where experts consultants are needed to deal with the problems. 

The times when you need consultant

Running a business is not something you do just because you are feeling bored. If you run a business, it means you have goals to achieve. Along with process, various problems arise and not all of them are something you can figure out by yourself. This is when you need an expert to give you an insight for the betterment of your business. So how do you know when you need consultants?

If there is a problem that cannot be solved with your usual methods then you might need opinions from outside of your circle (team). Your team is your internal resources you can turn to when there are problems to solve. However, if the problems are so persistent, you can start considering a consultant to work with you. However, it is also important to choose the right consultant who can respond to you immediately and not only give superficial feedback. 

It is useful to have the insight of expert consultant because they are not part of your internal resources. They don’t have any connections with your business which makes their opinion free from clouded perception or biases. Consultant can function as a third-party that can gives you fairer and more objective insights. Consultant will help solving your problems by looking past the superficial and finding out the roots of the problems. Therefore, the recommendations they give might give you more than just short-term fix.

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Another time you will need a consultant to work with is when you are planning to scale your business. There are many things to consider when you plan to scale your business. Your business grows but hiring more people or purchasing new buildings might not be the best steps to take. Maybe what you need the most is the insight of the expert consultant. Instead of hiring too many people, you can hire a reliable consultant instead. With their years of expertise in the industry and connection, they might give you better solution than what hundred of new recruits do. 

Consultant is a valuable investment you can have. You will really need them especially when your business is stuck at the point of stagnancy. You don’t want your business to stay the same while the world growing. Performing best effort is necessary. However, you might need more booster to give you necessary hump to thrive. Consultant can help you unlock the potential of your business.

How Much Bali Family Villas Will Cost You?

A Bali Family Villas is an marvellous investment for your family. It increase value to your home, and most of all, the feel of convenience that it offers could be a significant advantage. Imagine your family relaxing and enjoying the astounding view of the outdoors on a bright day.

Bali Family Villas

None of buzzing flies, sound to disturb you while working, or you’ll feel warmer even in a cold weather in the season. Furthermore you could also benefit the bustling downpour, and suddenly you’re all dry up. Thanks to the bali property, perhaps its gonna be the best investment you gonna make.

Does Bali Family Villas Worth The Price?

While most of questions are appearing in our heads, building one unit for your family could be an option. Meanwhile, it’s important to know every step you need to take for it. A professional bali family villas maker could help you on the process while you are relaxing and doing daily activity.

Bali Family Villas Minimalist Bedroom

The cost of the bali property for rent varies on various factors, including the square meter, its level, concept and distinctive style. Furthermore, the more family you have, the more cost you will encounter. You might expect the market of these type of property are in range of $200,000 to $350,000. The price itself could depend on the location and external factor. The figures vary with the agent you pick to provide the bali property selection for you.

Benefit of Owning a Bali Property

Theres a lot of benefit you can find while purchasing a large bali family villas for your big family. Structured unit covered with rooms and facility, which fit for your big family. In regard of your preference, this will surely offer you a convenience and comfort. Also its significant home investment that guard your family through different kinds of problem and joyful moment in future ahead.

Moreover these are a great solution for enjoying the family quality time besides doing so in a small apartement or flat. Various point of benefit that you could have when owning Bali Family Villas are:

  • Its spacious space give your family a comfortable room to do any kinds of activity
  • It’s could be an excellent home office
  • It offers a quiet place to reflect and relax for family
  • The best moment usually happens in the family room
  • It’s a cozy and comfortable for your family gatherings

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Amazing Three Bedroom Unit for Family Stay

Aesthetic style of villa is located in the quiet beachfront of Sanur. This gorgeous villa features 3 grand en-suite bedrooms with each bathrooms. Fully settle and furnished in a great concept with great quality and astonishing decor that offer comfort family a comfort.

Bali Family Villas Dining Room

This unit generously provide 2 levels buildings, 5 AC units , huge living area , intimate dining area , modern kitchen , swimming pool , exceptional jacuzzi, water source and electricity 7.700 W.

You’ll not find this remarkable opportunity elsewhere, this bali family villas is for sale in a prime area of Bali. Ideal to purchase as a new family age or for a long investment. Available on leasehold. Its only 2 minutes to the Sanur beach and roughly about 30 minutes distance to the airport