Why You’ll Love to Stay at A Private Villa Than A Hotel in Bali

The vast array of green rice fields. Strips of golden white to black beaches, sometimes dotted with lime karst formation and sometimes hidden behind unassuming forest. The explosion of arts, creativity, and rich cultural heritage in daily life. A long list of things that makes Bali so wonderful makes this island so popular as a holiday destination. And when you come to this island, especially if you plan to stay for a long time, you will love to stay at a private villa in Bali rather than spending a month in a hotel. There’s a good reason why we think they’re superior to other types of vacation lodging—indeed, there are ten good reasons why we love them.

Private villa bali

A Private Villa is Perfect for Family Holiday

Have you ever been looking forward to a family vacation only to discover that one group is staying on a completely another floor of the hotel? The purpose of group vacations is defeated by taking numerous elevator journeys. You may accommodate children, cousins, aunts, and uncles under one roof if you rent a private villa. Not only do you receive bedrooms directly next to one other in luxurious villas, but you also get some lovely common areas where you can hang out and get to know one another without interruption from others. Staying in a private villa in Bali is also perfect if you are travelling with your own little family. It’s a good way to give ample room for kids to run around, have their own nice little bedroom, and still keep them close to you. 

Cost-Effective Lodging for Travelling with Children

Most hotels only have rooms large enough for two adults; perhaps you could fit the kids on a sofa bed. A villa can be the ideal choice for you if you want to have separate bedrooms when traveling with your family. Due to the fact that you do not have to pay per person, renting a villa for your family might also be more affordable.

Villas is More Kids & Pets Friendly Than Most Hotels in Bali

A lot of villas in Bali are large enough for children and animals to run around and play. In contrast to hotels’ busy lobby areas and confusing hallways, the villa’s intimacy makes it easy to keep track of guests at all times.

There are No Bothersome Neighbours Around

Have you ever had trouble falling asleep due to the noisy guests in the hotel room next door? With a villa rental, you can rise on the right side of the bed every morning without being bothered by other people.

Having the Private Pool in the Villa All for Yourself

Nothing is worse than deciding to relax by the pool only to discover that every pool lounger is taken. Or, even worse, they ‘booked’ the sun loungers with their towel but they never actually come back. At a villa in Bali with a private pool and balcony area, you may unwind in a feeling of complete peace. 

Actually, You Can Have the Private Villa All by Yourself

You can avoid sharing space with anyone else—aside from your friends and family—in Bali’s private villas. You have exclusive use of the lakeside gazebo, the big lawn, and the pool for the duration of your vacation. You can experience the feeling of having a resort-style villa to yourself at expansive estates like this luxurious Bali private vacation villa. Bid adieu to packed eateries and long waits at the pool table. There are no strangers or noisy neighbors; just you and your loved ones, with a ton of free time and enjoyable things to do.

No Worries About Hidden Costs of Hotels or Resorts’ Expensive Packages

Private villas provide you the freedom to explore and make use of various amenities at your own speed rather than choosing complex sightseeing packages with set timings and rowdy group members, all of which frequently come with additional expenses. Choose your own trip and time. Book your stay with complete pricing transparency and take advantage of special experiences like a tranquil boat trip in the backwaters. You can go hiking, picnic by the lake, and scuba dive to explore the underwater world of Bali. Organize everything only by what you love and actually want to do. 

More Space, More Utilities, More Everything

Renting private villas offers greater value! The common areas, such as the living room and kitchen, are also more airy and comfortable in addition to having larger bedrooms. Villas offer a variety of vacation-worthy comforts, from kitchen appliances to live barbeque options. In many villas in Bali, you can find lovely appliances like toasters, coffee machines, and even washing machines that you won’t find at hotels or resorts. 

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