How To Make WFH Work For Business

WFH or work from home policy is made due to the situation following the global pandemic this year. It is part of the effort to lower the risk of the virus transmission and infection. However work from home is also seen to cause some hassle such as a sense of disconnectedness, miscommunication, and more. Making WFH work for your business is possible if you use the right strategies. It is important to keep in mind that revolution in the way we work happens regardless of the situation with the covid-19. 

Leading your team to make WFH work

One of the most challenging things about work from home policy is that leading your team to do it so they are still productive and business operation still run smoothly even where everyone works in different location. Problems with internet connection, miscommunication, laziness, and more can be prevented by implementing the right strategy to the WFH.

Work From Home

Establish agreement for when and how the works get done. For example, set work hours just like when you do when everyone worked in the office. Inform your team to be on standby from 9am to 4am for example. Hence, everyone in your team know that in that period, they are responsible to do their tasks effectively or being able to be contacted. Also set a three or four days a week to have a video call or online meetings. It helps you and your team to stay focused while working. 

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Try to create more connections with your team members. It is reported that one of the downfalls of WFH is the feeling of disconnected. Feeling less loyal to the team and organization is also experienced by many people. The distance of working that has never been experienced before can cause a strain to the relationships and bonds between team members. 

Therefore, it is important to increase connection between the team members. You can do it by having a ‘virtual coffee’ where you and your team members can have a casual conversations for 20 to 30 minutes. You can use this opportunity to check in on your team members. It can be a way for you to ensure the physical and mental well-being of your team members. 

Put your trust on your team members. Have a faith on them so they don’t feel like you are constantly on their neck. Avoid checking on their deadlines too frequent. By giving them your trust rightfully, your team members will feel more appreciated and able to go through this difficult situation. However, trust is not easy to give. Therefore, you need to hire the right people to build trust with. 

Changes are often hard and and it takes time to get used to them comfortably. Discuss with your team members if they have their own opinions on making WFH work for everyone. Give everyone the same opportunity to share their opinions. This way, you can formulate and innovate more effective strategies to keep your team motivated working from their home

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