Changes In Marketing Due To COVID-19

Business is one of so many aspects affected by the coronavirus outbreak. It doesn’t happen only in one region or country but all over the world. Thus, for businesses to suffer from the disasters caused by coronavirus is something that needs to be fixed. from the pandemic, we can see that marketing has shifted or changed in some ways. It is what businesses should do to adapt to the situation and prevent more damages. 

Shifts happening to marketing due to the pandemic

Marketing in business is one of the most important key factors to success. It affects how the product or service is delivered to the right people. During pandemic, it is hard for the marketing to be not affected at all. The pandemic has brought some changes in marketing, such as:

Marketing is used as important factor to handle crisis. When pandemic happens, top marketing management team work even harder in order to gain trusted information and deliver it to the people. Not only did the marketing team work harder to deliver information to consumers but also to the employee to ensure the right way to work safely, how to use protective equipment at work, etc. Thus, marketing team is not only the voice of customers but also of employees. 

Marketing now focuses more on the purpose. This is particularly what happens to those business in medical field. There is a sense of responsibility raise to make sure that everyone in need gets help. There is also a purpose to change patient’s lives because this pandemic is not something to take lightly. The way business work has more purpose more than ever. 

Marketing has changed in delivery as well. Before, it was possible to have long-hour general sessions. Today, marketing is more effective with simplicity. The marketing has shift and lean more on digital. The engagement for the marketing is made and resulted from digital. Thus, marketing deliver simple and to the point contents.

Marketing today is also more future-oriented. With the pandemic happening, business is suffered but still have to look into the future. There must be some lessons gained from this such as how digital contents are perceived by consumers and how reliable they are for them. Even when the pandemic ends, the way the marketing work today might still be relevant and effective. Therefore, marketing team still need to make plan for the future.

This pandemic has brought crisis in many aspects of our life. However, there are also something we can learn to improve. This pandemic has also brought more creativity in business. People think and do more to make sure everything still run as normal as possible even in the middle of the crisis. Not to mention that it makes business work with more purpose. This is also a time where some businesses even gain more brand reputation with how dedicated they are by giving reliable information for their customers and attentive to their employees. Customer and employee sentiments are valuable information. 

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