How to Start A Short Term Vacation Villas Business in Bali

How to Start A Short Term Vacation Villas Business in Bali

For many people, starting a short-term rental business is the ultimate goal. A very fulfilling experience can come from creating a distinctive short-term rental villas in . Here are our top suggestions for starting a short-term rental business and developing a distinctive holiday home.

Understand How Short Term Vacation Villas Work

Simply put, you buy a villa in Bali legally, obtaining the “Pondok Wisata” permit through leasehold or the “right-to-use” title. You will then rent the villa out temporarily to travelers. In contrast to certain hotels, which might be fairly generic, they can be distinctive establishments delivering distinctive guest experiences. 

Always Do A Proper Market Research Before You Jump In

It’s crucial to conduct research! Understand your “why” first and foremost. What motivates your desire to establish a short-term rental? Is it for financial gain? Owning a vacation property of your own is it? Is it because you adore hospitality and want to provide your visitors a truly memorable experience?

How special the location is for you

How is tourism there? Is it only in season? If you wish to use your property outside of peak season, you might choose to choose a location with year-round tourism or one with seasonal tourist.

The properties in the surrounding

How many Bali villas are there? What is their monthly rent? Are you going to be the property manager? How much will the cleaning service cost you in the neighborhood?


Determine your costs and revenues as well as the length of time you intend to own the property.

Purchasing the Bali Villas

Once you’ve chosen a location, keep an eye out for the various Bali villas in the market. What does your ideal visitor want from their stay? Are they traveling to escape in a deserted place or do they wish to be in the center of the city for business and/or play? Maybe it’s a mix of things!

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Designing Your Vacation Rental

One of the most crucial elements is this. Visitors are looking for a distinctive experience, and this is where you can set yourself apart from competitors. The key is to know who your ideal guest is. DIY will draw a different audience than luxurious design. Combining the two is my area of expertise. Even if the labor is DIY, the appearance is designer.

If possible, let the interiors of your home reflect the external aesthetic. For instance, if your house is a mid-century modern home, think about decorating the interior using items from that era.

Consider your favorite location in the globe and draw inspiration from the genuine designs that may be seen there. For example, rugs and poufs from sisals, warm colors, or stick to nautical theme. 

Use the psychology of color. White is utilized in hospital and hotel bedding because it represents cleanliness (for example crisp white walls and white bedding paired with warm colours).

Finally, Photograph and List Your Property!

When it comes to marketing your home as a short-term rental, professional photography is absolutely worth the investment. I developed this skill on my own and now provide it to my clients who hire me to construct vacation rentals. The greatest way to show off your property is with a professional camera, good light, artistically composed perspectives, and editing tools.

It’s crucial to use appropriate photos and language when listing your home. Are you emphasizing what makes your location the greatest and unique? Do you address your ideal visitor?

You can list on websites like Airbnb and VRBO, which have a tiny listing cost but, in our opinion, are well worth it.

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