Preventing And Dealing With Workplace Accidents

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It’s already known that industries carry high-risk of workplace accidents. However, workplace accident can happen literally in any kind of workplace environment. the risk of workplace accident should included in your priority because the well-being of your employees does matter. Also, workplace accidents can affect your business in general. Thus, it’s a must to be more preventive and prepared for potential workplace accidents. So even if still happen, you know how to deal with it properly. 

Workplace accidents

Something constitutes workplace accident when an employee suddenly is injured mentally or physically while performing their job duties. What about a worker or employer who develop a disease after years of exposure to harmful substances? It’s not called workplace accident but occupational disease. It’s important to be able to distinct those two different matters. Employer must provide compensation for the employee’s medical bills and lost wages. However, the law is different from country to country. 

Preventing workplace accidents

It’s a must for any business to have preventive plan to avoid and minimize the risk of workplace accidents. You shouldn’t wait until someone gets injured badly to change workplace culture that will prioritize employee health and safety more. Here are preventive actions to avoid workplace accidents you can consider:

  • Make regular risk assessment by identifying hazards to health and potential causes of injury. Then, create specific safety procedures to mitigate each risk found from the assessment.
  • Take physical and mental health screening for prospective employees. Hence, you will give the right role to the right person especially when some types of jobs are more physically demanding. 
  • Provide regular training about safety and wellness. Thus, you employees understand all relevant health and safety instructions that apply to their respective roles. You may have to make some changes to the safety guided as a result of risk assessment. Make sure to let everyone know about it and retraining them as soon as possible.
  • Hire enough workers because accidents are more likely to happen due to the lack of employees while workload is high. Also, some roles require license to operate so make sure you hire only qualified, licensed people. Don’t forget to provide them proper protective equipment.
  • Create safe and clear work environment. Avoid cluttered, unclean work area because it’s usually full of hazards. Encourage everyone to adhere to best practices to prevent accidents. Provide good lighting, and also practice good vehicle maintenance. 

How to deal with workplace accidents

Sometime accidents still happen even after you did all those preventive procedures. There things that out of your control. The best thing to do is know how to respond to it and minimize further damage or injury.

  • Tend to the injured employee right away and report the accident quickly.
  • Use office’s first aid kit to help with minor injuries. If there’s major injury or you’re in doubt, get a full assessment of the injury from a qualified medical practitioner on-site. Or transfer them to the hospital immediately.
  • Investigate the accident and reevaluate your safety guidelines.
  • Assist your employee with their claim.
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