Building Emotional Connection With Customers The Right Way

Building Emotional Connection With Customers The Right Way

Emotion is one of the driving force behind of most customers’ buying decisions. Hence, it is important to create strong emotions to help build a bond between your business and your customers. However, not all businesses decide to build negative emotions instead of the positive one due to their own reasons. Meanwhile, building a connection through positive emotions is highly suggested because it can last long, making your customers more loyal than ever. 

How to build emotional connection with your customers

Deep connection between business and the customers is vital especially in today’s marketing model. Focusing on emotions can help evoke a force for customers to make purchases and become a long-time fans of your brand. Here are things to do to build emotional connection with your customers:

Be authentically human

Today’s consumers expect brands to be as humane as possible instead of just being a corporation who aim solely on gaining profit. It whats make them feel connected to the brand. Stop using approaches that force or push consumers in unpleasant way. Being too intrusive for example, will only keep them away from being a big fan of your brand. Treat consumers as human being and act like you are human as well. Make every experience and interaction with consumers as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

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Be empathetic

One part of being humane is to show your empathy. Especially during difficult times during the global pandemic like today, it is important to show empathy toward others. Practicing empathy is not as hard as many people like to think. You can do it by reading your customers’ body language, paying attention to their needs, being straightforward in offering solutions, asking the right questions, etc. Show how invested you are in helping them solve the problems. Only through empathy can you build authentic relationship with your customers. 

Find out the motivation that drive your customers

Every customer is built different. They may have different interests, needs, objectives, and problems. Hence, they aim for solution that fit all of those factors. To fully understand what they need, find the motivation that drive them. Try to put yourself in their shoes once you find out their motivation behind. For example, customers want to be identify as unique individuals. Hence, you can fulfill their needs by providing personalized or customized products or services.

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Build solid storytelling

Building emotional connection will be more possible to achieve if you use a solid storytelling. A story can evoke emotions to the people. Your brand can use storytelling method to evoke that emotion that will be the foundation of your relationship. A story helps customers to relate to you, making your brand more relevant to their lives. 

Use social channels to deliver superior customer service

Nurturing relationship with potential leads and customers can be in a form of providing superior customer service through social media channels. Provide help through a live chat, email automation, and more. This way, it is highly possible for you to turn potentials leads into repeated customers.

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