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Preventing And Dealing With Workplace Accidents

The Importance Of Attitude In Running Business

It’s already known that industries carry high-risk of workplace accidents. However, workplace accident can happen literally in any kind of workplace environment. the risk of workplace accident should included in your priority because the well-being of your employees does matter. Also, workplace accidents can affect your business in general. Thus, it’s a must to be more preventive and prepared for potential workplace accidents. So even if still happen, you know how to deal with it properly. 

Workplace accidents

Something constitutes workplace accident when an employee suddenly is injured mentally or physically while performing their job duties. What about a worker or employer who develop a disease after years of exposure to harmful substances? It’s not called workplace accident but occupational disease. It’s important to be able to distinct those two different matters. Employer must provide compensation for the employee’s medical bills and lost wages. However, the law is different from country to country. 

Preventing workplace accidents

It’s a must for any business to have preventive plan to avoid and minimize the risk of workplace accidents. You shouldn’t wait until someone gets injured badly to change workplace culture that will prioritize employee health and safety more. Here are preventive actions to avoid workplace accidents you can consider:

  • Make regular risk assessment by identifying hazards to health and potential causes of injury. Then, create specific safety procedures to mitigate each risk found from the assessment.
  • Take physical and mental health screening for prospective employees. Hence, you will give the right role to the right person especially when some types of jobs are more physically demanding. 
  • Provide regular training about safety and wellness. Thus, you employees understand all relevant health and safety instructions that apply to their respective roles. You may have to make some changes to the safety guided as a result of risk assessment. Make sure to let everyone know about it and retraining them as soon as possible.
  • Hire enough workers because accidents are more likely to happen due to the lack of employees while workload is high. Also, some roles require license to operate so make sure you hire only qualified, licensed people. Don’t forget to provide them proper protective equipment.
  • Create safe and clear work environment. Avoid cluttered, unclean work area because it’s usually full of hazards. Encourage everyone to adhere to best practices to prevent accidents. Provide good lighting, and also practice good vehicle maintenance. 

How to deal with workplace accidents

Sometime accidents still happen even after you did all those preventive procedures. There things that out of your control. The best thing to do is know how to respond to it and minimize further damage or injury.

  • Tend to the injured employee right away and report the accident quickly.
  • Use office’s first aid kit to help with minor injuries. If there’s major injury or you’re in doubt, get a full assessment of the injury from a qualified medical practitioner on-site. Or transfer them to the hospital immediately.
  • Investigate the accident and reevaluate your safety guidelines.
  • Assist your employee with their claim.

How to Start A Short Term Vacation Villas Business in Bali

How to Start A Short Term Vacation Villas Business in Bali

For many people, starting a short-term rental business is the ultimate goal. A very fulfilling experience can come from creating a distinctive short-term rental villas in . Here are our top suggestions for starting a short-term rental business and developing a distinctive holiday home.

Understand How Short Term Vacation Villas Work

Simply put, you buy a villa in Bali legally, obtaining the “Pondok Wisata” permit through leasehold or the “right-to-use” title. You will then rent the villa out temporarily to travelers. In contrast to certain hotels, which might be fairly generic, they can be distinctive establishments delivering distinctive guest experiences. 

Always Do A Proper Market Research Before You Jump In

It’s crucial to conduct research! Understand your “why” first and foremost. What motivates your desire to establish a short-term rental? Is it for financial gain? Owning a vacation property of your own is it? Is it because you adore hospitality and want to provide your visitors a truly memorable experience?

How special the location is for you

How is tourism there? Is it only in season? If you wish to use your property outside of peak season, you might choose to choose a location with year-round tourism or one with seasonal tourist.

The properties in the surrounding

How many Bali villas are there? What is their monthly rent? Are you going to be the property manager? How much will the cleaning service cost you in the neighborhood?


Determine your costs and revenues as well as the length of time you intend to own the property.

Purchasing the Bali Villas

Once you’ve chosen a location, keep an eye out for the various Bali villas in the market. What does your ideal visitor want from their stay? Are they traveling to escape in a deserted place or do they wish to be in the center of the city for business and/or play? Maybe it’s a mix of things!

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Designing Your Vacation Rental

One of the most crucial elements is this. Visitors are looking for a distinctive experience, and this is where you can set yourself apart from competitors. The key is to know who your ideal guest is. DIY will draw a different audience than luxurious design. Combining the two is my area of expertise. Even if the labor is DIY, the appearance is designer.

If possible, let the interiors of your home reflect the external aesthetic. For instance, if your house is a mid-century modern home, think about decorating the interior using items from that era.

Consider your favorite location in the globe and draw inspiration from the genuine designs that may be seen there. For example, rugs and poufs from sisals, warm colors, or stick to nautical theme. 

Use the psychology of color. White is utilized in hospital and hotel bedding because it represents cleanliness (for example crisp white walls and white bedding paired with warm colours).

Finally, Photograph and List Your Property!

When it comes to marketing your home as a short-term rental, professional photography is absolutely worth the investment. I developed this skill on my own and now provide it to my clients who hire me to construct vacation rentals. The greatest way to show off your property is with a professional camera, good light, artistically composed perspectives, and editing tools.

It’s crucial to use appropriate photos and language when listing your home. Are you emphasizing what makes your location the greatest and unique? Do you address your ideal visitor?

You can list on websites like Airbnb and VRBO, which have a tiny listing cost but, in our opinion, are well worth it.

Providing Delightful Customer Service Experience to Boost Business

Providing Delightful Customer Service Experience to Boost Business

Lots of business owners focus on making their customers satisfied with their service. However, it is not enough anymore ad for today, providing more delightful customer service experience is what can make customers stay for a long time. It is because there is a sense of unexpectedness when it comes to customer delight. It is the highest level of customer satisfaction so it is almost guaranteed to boost brand loyalty.

How to provided delightful customer service experience

Making your customer feel satisfied is good for your business. However, it will take it beyond when you can provide delightful experience. It is when you surpassed what you customers expected. And it is not only you who is responsible for delivering such customer experience. It is your as much as it is your employees’ and managers’. here are few things you can consider to do so:

Give something the customers didn’t expect

When you are trying to make them satisfied, it means you provide something they expected for. You fulfill their expectations until they are satisfied with what they are looking for. Meanwhile, giving delight customer service experience means you do or give something they did not expect. For example, a auto repair service wash their customer’s car after fixing. It is not part of the job but when it is done, customers leave with a smile and won’t hesitate to come back. 

Help improve your staff’s knowledge and skills

When you have staffs who are in the front row of interacting with customers, you need to make sure they are knowledgeable and skillful for that. Aside from their competence, make sure you help develop your staffs to provide wow factor tot heir service. It can be through quick response, immediate identification of problems, technical knowledge, being able to solve the problems without needing to consult a manager or colleague. 

Collect feedback

Asses your customer delight over your products or services to find out the index. There are many feedback tools you can use such as interviews or surveys. The things you should be focused on when asking for feedback include service quality, communication, customer support, friendliness, etc. This way, you will be able to make the right improvements for your business. 

Solving problems effectively

It is great for you to help solve customer’s current problem.  However, it will be greater if you can help them solve their future problems as well. Hence, they know what challenges they are going to face you can give them recommendations, educational resources, tips, etc. 

Do and give the unexpected

You don’t have to do something grandiose to do and give unexpected thing to your customers. It can be something simple but meaningful for them. For example, you give them a coupon for 10 percent off their regular order. You never know maybe your customers are short on money so receiving this kind of coupon out of the blue will be appreciated. Don’t forget to give a word of appreciation for their regular order on the note of the coupon. 

Before You Buy Houses for Sale in Bali: 7 Important Things to Know!

Before You Buy Bali houses for sale - 7 Important Things to Know!

Are you considering purchasing a beach house in Bali? This tropical island is indeed a popular destinations both for international tourists or semi-permanent settlers. When looking for a seaside home, there are several coastal cities and oceanfront houses to select from. While locating a beach property should be simple, choosing the ideal one may need some research and house hunting. Make sure you have a firm grasp on your budget and needs, as well as a clear awareness of the financial and weather-related hazards involved, before you begin your search. You’ll also need to hire a reputable Realtor with extensive expertise purchasing and selling seaside property. Keep these ten points in mind when you are looking for houses for sale in Bali, Indonesia.

Inspect the Constructions of the Bali Houses for Sale

The first goal is to make sure the beach house in Bali is weather-proof. Locted in a tropical country, this island might not have many typhoons or heavy storms as it would be in Europe or USA. Still, bad weather could wipe off your hard-earned investment. If you live in Bali’s area with a high flood danger and/or a lot of storm surge potential, you should think about buying a beach house on stilts. Wind and flood-resistant materials should also be available, as well as materials that can withstand severe rain and high temperatures.

How Close the Beach House to the Water?

For many people, proximity to the beach is the most crucial factor to consider when purchasing a Bali houses for sale. Of course, you’ll have to consider the benefits and drawbacks of living on the lake. For example, a beach house near the water is easy and good for resale value, it will almost surely increase your flood risks and insurance costs.

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Pay Attention to the Roof

Don’t overlook the roof when purchasing a seaside house. The last thing you want is to buy a house only to discover that the roof needs to be fixed a year later. Because of the harsh weather that many coastal places encounter, a beach house’s roof is bound to see more wear and tear than the normal home’s.

Consider the Outdoor Area of the Beach House Bali

Consider the Outdoor Area of the Beach House Bali

One of the main reasons you’re buying a beach property is to take advantage of the wonderful outdoors. As a result, make sure to evaluate the beach house’s outdoor living space. Does the house has a porch, patio, or garden? How about a view of the ocean? Is the neighbourhood quiet or crowded? Is there a pool or other outdoor recreation area at the house? Make sure the beach house meets all of your outside living requirements, no matter how important they are to you.

The Neighbourhood of the Beach House

If you’re searching for a calm holiday home, you want to buy a property next to a rowdy frat house. Before purchasing a beach house, make sure you do your homework on the street and community. It’s also worth considering whether the beach house has friendly neighbours who will keep an eye on your home while you’re away. You might also want to choose the best location to buy the beach villa. Before going there for real, you can take a look at hundreds of houses for sale in Bali Indonesia at various locations by browsing at villa listing websites. 

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The Income Potentials from Renting Out the Property

Will you be renting out your beach house? If that’s the case, you’ll want to consider if the beachfront home would provide a good return on your investment. The beach house may not be a good short-term investment if the monthly fees, maintenance requirements, and upfront costs are too high. Also, keep in mind that beach properties with multiple bedrooms are more easily rented (and for more money!). If you plan to rent out your beach property, avoid buying a one-bedroom beach cottage.

Property Management

Lastly, ff the beach house isn’t your primary residence, you may need to hire a property management company to look after it while you’re away. This entails having someone in charge of all pest treatment, landscaping, maintenance, and lease agreements. 

Building Emotional Connection With Customers The Right Way

Building Emotional Connection With Customers The Right Way

Emotion is one of the driving force behind of most customers’ buying decisions. Hence, it is important to create strong emotions to help build a bond between your business and your customers. However, not all businesses decide to build negative emotions instead of the positive one due to their own reasons. Meanwhile, building a connection through positive emotions is highly suggested because it can last long, making your customers more loyal than ever. 

How to build emotional connection with your customers

Deep connection between business and the customers is vital especially in today’s marketing model. Focusing on emotions can help evoke a force for customers to make purchases and become a long-time fans of your brand. Here are things to do to build emotional connection with your customers:

Be authentically human

Today’s consumers expect brands to be as humane as possible instead of just being a corporation who aim solely on gaining profit. It whats make them feel connected to the brand. Stop using approaches that force or push consumers in unpleasant way. Being too intrusive for example, will only keep them away from being a big fan of your brand. Treat consumers as human being and act like you are human as well. Make every experience and interaction with consumers as fulfilling and meaningful as possible.

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Be empathetic

One part of being humane is to show your empathy. Especially during difficult times during the global pandemic like today, it is important to show empathy toward others. Practicing empathy is not as hard as many people like to think. You can do it by reading your customers’ body language, paying attention to their needs, being straightforward in offering solutions, asking the right questions, etc. Show how invested you are in helping them solve the problems. Only through empathy can you build authentic relationship with your customers. 

Find out the motivation that drive your customers

Every customer is built different. They may have different interests, needs, objectives, and problems. Hence, they aim for solution that fit all of those factors. To fully understand what they need, find the motivation that drive them. Try to put yourself in their shoes once you find out their motivation behind. For example, customers want to be identify as unique individuals. Hence, you can fulfill their needs by providing personalized or customized products or services.

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Build solid storytelling

Building emotional connection will be more possible to achieve if you use a solid storytelling. A story can evoke emotions to the people. Your brand can use storytelling method to evoke that emotion that will be the foundation of your relationship. A story helps customers to relate to you, making your brand more relevant to their lives. 

Use social channels to deliver superior customer service

Nurturing relationship with potential leads and customers can be in a form of providing superior customer service through social media channels. Provide help through a live chat, email automation, and more. This way, it is highly possible for you to turn potentials leads into repeated customers.

Raising Awareness Of Your Small Business In The Local Community

Raising Awareness Of Your Small Business In The Local Community

Running a small business from the scratch is full of challenges because there is no such thing as instant success especially if you want it to run for a very long time while being successful of course. And of the most challenging things to do is to raise awareness of your small business. However, it is best that you start from your local community instead of aiming for something too bigger to reach. 

Increase you business visibility within your local community

It is best to start low go slow when it comes to building business. Enjoy every process step by step and you will see the result. To increase your small business visibility, you need to be a trusted business in your local community first. Why? It will help a lot in driving your sales while having steady support from the local community. Here are things you can do to raise awareness of your small business in your local community:

Know your audience

The most important thing you need to do is to know your audience, figuring out what is important for them, then find a way to highlight the aspects of your business that align with those values. By knowing your audience, you know what kind of message to deliver, that aspects to offer, and make it as personalized possible to their needs. It is great to find personal connection with your local community because it can be your ticket to build something that is relatable to them. It also allows you to find how your business can benefit the community even better. 

Choose the right outlets and reporters

It is important to get good coverage but it is not so easy to do it because you need to find the right people and outlets first. For example, you need to find local outlets that will help broadcast your business and highlight it in the best way possible. Or, you may prefer print instead of broadcast to get good coverage about your small business. Both have their own advantages. It is best to do your own research before choosing one. Or, you can also choose both but it means you need more effort to do it right. 

Build direct involvement with local community to keep the momentum

Promoting your small business to the local community is not enough especially if your aim is for long term success. You need to keep the momentum by delivering updates of your small business. You can do it with a reliable reporters you can call from time to time so you get steady exposure. Or, you can also build direct involvement with your local community through various ways such as philanthropy. This way, your story continues to evolve within your local community. 

Driving awareness of your small business in local community is not something impossible to achieve if you know how to choose the right people and outlets to deliver your message to the right audience. Eventually, it will have good impact to your bottom line. 

Investing in Real Estate Bali for Beginners

Investing in Real Estate Bali for Beginners

Are you considering buying an investment property in Bali? Real estate has produced many of the world’s wealthiest people, therefore there are many reasons to assume it is a good investment.Especially when you think about Bali, a popular holiday destination where holiday makers come all across the globe. Investing in real estate in Bali could be your first step for wealthier future. Experts agree, however, that it’s best to be well-versed in the industry before committing hundreds of thousands of dollars. Here are some things to consider and research before taking the big decision.

Learn About All the Costs of Owning Real Estate in Bali

Real estate is never a cheap investment. Property can be costly to purchase outright. However, if you have the means or are ready to take out a loan, it can be profitable. It’s not as simple as buying a house and waiting for it to earn money. Basic maintenance, yearly upkeep, improvements, and expenses like as electricity and taxes are all factors to consider.

Think About the Type of Property You Want to Invest

Think of How You’ll Manage the Real Estate Bali

So you’ve saved aside some money for real estate investment in Bali. You must now choose the type of property in which to invest. You have the option of purchasing commercial or residential rentals. You can rent out a home or an apartment as a landlord. You can rent out your home on Airbnb or as a vacation rental.

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Think of How You’ll Manage the Real Estate Bali 

After you’ve decided on a property type and location, you can work out the details of your investment. Know that you will need to keep a running budget for your investment. Calculate the rent and other fees you need to pay. Put yearly bills and emergency savings in your equation. Is the cost of utilities included in the price? Keep in mind any fees and the amount of money you’ll need to maintain your investment.

Do You Need to Hire A Property Manager? 

If you plan on having homes in multiple places, think about using the service of a property manager. The idea is to make this choice ahead of time so you aren’t surprised when the bills start to mount.

Think About Growth of Value When Buying Property in Bali

When you buy a house in Bali, you may eventually want to sell it. Especially when you might need to go back to your country for good. You’ll want to make a profit whether you sell it right away or retain it for a while. You want to get more money for your house when you sell it than you paid for it. Simple improvements or additions can boost your home’s value. You will be able to sell your property for a better price if you raise its worth, and your hard work will be repaid handsomely.

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Buying or Financing Your Property Investment

Is it better to pay cash for your investment property or to take out a loan? That is dependent on your investment objectives. Paying cash can help you have a positive cash flow month after month. Take, for example, a $100,000 rental property. With rental revenue, taxes, depreciation, and income tax, the cash buyer may earn $9,500 per year on a $100,000 investment, or a 9.5 percent annual return. Financing, on the other hand, can provide you with a higher return. After operating expenditures and additional interest, an investor who puts down 20% on a house and compoundes at 4% on the mortgage earns around $5,580 per year after factoring out operating expenses and additional interest. So think wisely before buying any property here. 

Are you ready for your first real estate investment in this gorgeous tropical island?

How To Simplify Your Path In Achieving Your Goals

How To Simplify Your Path In Achieving Your Goals

It is often that you find some people who work so hard to the point they don’t have time to rest but they are still not achieving their success. Busyness is something common and no one ever complain for not being busy enough. It comes in many forms but it is not a synonym to success or a least producing the result we really want. 

Simplifying the path to achievement

The key to produce the result you really want to simplify your path to achievement. It prevents you from making things more complicated than necessary. 

Avoid overthinking

It is often that in order to achieve the goals you want, you over think. It results in more complicated problems and solutions than necessary. In the end, you waste your time doing something that can be done faster if you do not overthinking things in the first place. Hence, always stick to something simple, as long as it solves the problems more effectively and efficiently. 

Make your goal as clear as possible

Make your goal as clear as possible

Simplifying your path to achievement includes setting clearer goals. When your goals are too vague, you will only make something hard out if it. In fact, it will make you impossible to complete the project. If your goal is to complete the project brilliantly, all you have to focus on is your clear goals. With clear goals, you get clears paths of how to achieve them. This way, your end point is more defined to reach. 

Deal with overloaded information

Today, the access to information is so easier than the past times. However, not all information is what you are looking for to achieve your goals. What you need to do is find information that will become knowledge for you. Then you turn your knowledge into wisdom that you know what to do with. Accessing information is not your challenge. It is how you can connect the dots between information and that’s the point of how you simplify your path to achievement. 

Invest in automating your most mundane but essential tasks

Many people still think that automating means you put less effort to achieve your goals. However, the point of simplifying your path to achievement includes knowing what resources to use to benefits you later on. Automating your most mundane but essentials task doesn’t mean you are being inauthentic with your work. It means you provide easier access not only for yourself but also to others. 

Focus on what you have

If you focus on what you lack, you lose what you have and it is very true in every sense. When you focus on what you have, you will get what you lack because instead of making you complain, it makes you work better to find the better and faster solution. It also means that gratitude is a very powerful element to use to simplify your path to achievement. It generate more positive, self-sustaining system regardless of where you are or what you work for. 

Start Listing the Benefit of Your Bali Villas Seminyak in Google My Business!

Start Listing the Benefit of Your Bali Villas Seminyak in Google My Business!

With every year passed, Google has been an integral part of our life. It’s no longer a search engine and mailing tool—it now covers our needs for navigations, photo storages, digital image tracking, and even recommendation. Property owners, in the other hand, can be majorly benefited from services like Google My Business. GMB is a free, multi-featured business listing that allows local companies to manage their visibility on Google Search and Google Maps. Google My Business is similar to listings on online business directories like Yelp, except it appears immediately in Google and Google Maps search results, eliminating the need to visit a third-party site. So, if you have property business like villas in Seminyak Bali, listing your vacation rental in Google My Business could help you win in the saturated market. 

Google My Business Make Your Bali Villas Seminyak Visible to Potential Guests

Some property managers claim that Google My Business (GMB) generates more than 10% of their reservations.When performing a local search, GMB listings might appear in a variety of areas. Property managers may use GMB to rank their short-term rentals ahead of listing sites without needing to learn SEO. Being featured in these results increases the number of impressions for owners of villas in Seminyak and other areas of Bali. This, in turn, help them to rank higher in organic search results. 

Most importantly, GMB enables property managers to be listed before popular vacation rental listing sites like Airbnb, HomeAway, VRBO, and others in organic search results. This improves traffic to your website, increases direct bookings, and reduces listing site costs.

Google My Business Make Your Bali Villas Seminyak Visible to Potential Guests

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How to Create Google My Business for Your Villa Seminyak

It only need less than an hour to create a Google My Business profile for your Seminyak vacation rental. Here are the steps and tips on optimising your vacation rental GMB for maximised result. 

Starting Out 

Head to, and click the “start now” button. You will be directed to a profile creation page.  

Profile Creation 

Write down your business name. Usually this is the name of your villa. You can add a bit of flowery words to help you distinguish the vacation rental. Examples of these are; “Romantic Honeymoon Bali Villa, Luxury Suite, Seminyak Private Villa Bali”, and the likes. 

Filling Up the Details of Your Seminyak Villas

Enter the address of your villa as accurate as possible. Follow up with your local phone number that actually works. Don’t forget to include the business hours!

Add the Link

Have your own website? Don’t forget to add the link in your GMB listing. Having a website link in your GMB also makes your property look more legit and trusted. 

Add Selling Description to the Listing

You have 750 characters to convey a complete description of your GMB listing that includes the most important information for your guests. This is where you may utilize those important keywords that you want to get discovered for. If you have properties in other cities, include them in this area. Think about this description as meta description of a webpage that will hook reader’s attention to click your page. 

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Add the Best Photos of Your Seminyak Villas Bali 

Add the Best Photos of Your Seminyak Villas Bali

Photos speaks more than words, and sometimes potential guests jump into photo categories for a quick glance of the property. No one can deny the importance of pictures in the vacation rental business, especially when promoting online. These are the first thing that potential visitors see. Choose one image of your home that highlights the unique selling point of your Seminyak villas Bali. Your profile image is the first thing that searchers see when they come across your property. So, consider what makes it unique in the market and choose one image that best reflects that attribute. Add an additional ten photographs of your property. Remember that photos are like two sides of the same coin. While bright, standard, eye-catching images of your home attract more visitors, low-quality, unprofessional photos send them away in one second. 

Implementing Flexibility On Your Small Business

Implementing Flexibility On Your Small Business

Small businesses are greatly impacted by the pandemic that hit hard in 2020. even until today, there are still many business that are unable to get back on their feet. One of the reasons for small business not being able to go back to the way they were quickly because of smaller pools of resources to fall back on. Hence, the key to keep going is flexibility. However, it is not easy to implement flexibility on small business either because you have to know how to do it to your advantage.

How small business keep evolving through hard times using flexibility

Along with so many fallen small business since last year, there have been innovations in response to the challenging circumstances the pandemic brought. The best thing you can do to your small business is to see big changes as as opportunities to evolve. And here are ways you can do to implement flexibility on your small business:

Always be prepared to pivot for the unexpected moment

Regardless of the pandemic, every small business should be more prepared to pivot so they can be more ready facing any challenges that may come unexpectedly. As mentioned that small businesses have smaller pools of resources to fall back on. Always have a planned ready for when the unexpected hits. Imagine many different scenarios that probably happen to your small business. Hence, you won’t be thrown off guard when the curveballs come. It is how you implement flexibility on your small business. You plan your main strategies tor each your goals from the start but also prepare for the alternatives. 

Implement flexible thinking

It will be harder to implement flexibility and pivot if you don’t have flexible thinking. To train your mind to adopt flexible thinking,  it requires openness and exposures to new ideas. Hence, it will be helpful if you stay informed about what is happening inside and outside of your industry. You can get it from any sources such as online articles, news, and trends that are easy to access on daily basis. However, do not forget to balance it by going off-site from time to time to get different headspace. You can talk and open discussion with others such as leaders, entrepreneurs, consultants, or fellow entrepreneurs. You will get diverse perspective to help you open your mind. Hence, you can find the true potential to grow your small business even bigger. 

Find out what makes your small business standout

Take advantage of something that makes your small business standout from the competition. You need to identify your strength to amplify them. You can also discuss and brainstorm with your team to dig more information and data of your business’s strength. Then, it is a must to focus on making impactful offerings after identifying your strength. This way, you know what to offer to bring joy to your community and drive more customers to make purchase from you. Also, make stronger connection and manage growth by turning to digital tools since the world keeps changing.